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For the majority of Americans, discussing politics and computer programming probably doesn’t make them feel “funny.” But with the launch of a new nonprofit initiative called Code for techwithgeeks that seeks to integrate the effectiveness of the Web into governmental infrastructures, a collection of Web nerds and technology pioneers is attempting to change that. The organization is the outcome of a private initiative by technologists and got startup funding from organizations like the Case Foundation and Sunlight Foundation, among others. 


Additionally, it just recently revealed that it was looking for fellows to work on its projects. According to its Web site, “during the 11-month program, fellows will receive a crash course in municipal government,” along with networking and mentoring programs, “while they work in teams to develop open-source applications” for assigned cities.  They will also be given work with specific government organizations. 

How does this techwithgeeks work?

The idea for the organization, according to Code for America’s founder and executive techwithgeeks, was stimulated by a talk given by Tim O’Reilly, a board member and pioneer in digital publishing and technology who created the term “Web 2.0.” Another step toward what he called “Government 2.0” and commencing government technology adaptation from the bottom up was taken with Code for America. 

“What excites me about this is how swiftly change can occur at the local level,” In order to address one of the most pressing issues of the day a bloated, ineffective, and disjointed government Code for America uses the profile that is currently having the greatest influence on society (geeks). Big Web corporations have also supported Code for America. Google employees will be able to work with the group for 20% of their time thanks to a $40,000 donation from the company’s Open Source Group. 

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One of Facebook’s top engineers is also donating his talents. Furthermore, Twitter has assured fellows that they would have access to its engineering team and tech presentations. In order to ensure that the fellows are positioned appropriately and can assist with integrating technology into the companies, the group would collaborate with the designated government groups.  We may request certain personally identifying information about you while you are using our site, including contact or identification information.

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