Facial recognition and time tracking software

One of the newest technologies to enter the biometrics market is facial recognition. Previous versions were used for law enforcement and airport security and usually failed miserably. Basically, this is because facial recognition only works well for people who want to be recognized.

If you understand the principles of facial recognition, it is very clear why this technology is not reliable for stealth detection. Facial recognition technologies use the geometry of a person’s face to create a representative algorithm. A camera and a light source are used to map the shape and distance of the most important facial features (usually the eyes, nose and mouth) and create a mathematical representation of them. All you have to do is hide in sunglasses or a scarf.

 Authorities installed surveillance cameras

on the streets of New York to track the location of alleged criminals in the area. Despite the outrage of civil libertarians, no criminals were identified in the two-year trial. Other tests at airports where nothing was expected were also cancelled.

More recently, this technology has shown promise in less security-oriented applications such as time tracking. In timekeeping applications, watches equipped with face recognition technology have proven to be very reliable, especially when the work environment is monitored and the person himself participates in the process.

Body geometry recognition is not new – manual scanning technology

 has been available for almost 20 years. It is based on hand geometry instead of facial geometry and is one of the most reliable biometric products available. Also, when we talk about reliability in biometric circles, we mean in simple terms that you will almost always be seen first and not be confused with someone else.

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The latest generation botox near me recognition devices are very reliable. The recognition speed is very fast – it is faster than a fingerprint reader and almost as fast as an RFID card. Compared to fingerprints and RFID, the price is very competitive and definitely cheaper than hand, iris and vein scanning.

Face creams are designed to be used on the face for hours,

but facial cleansers stay on our skin for less than a minute. So are you surprised that some high-end brands are still charging high prices for their facial cleansers? In some cases, they sell for 2-3 times (sometimes more) the price of drugstore brands. Are expensive facial cleansers worth the high price?

Some people actually find that premium facial cleansers “work better” than their drugstore counterparts. However, both products do the same thing: they clean the face. Sometimes drugstore brands are actually owned by luxury brands or their subsidiaries. The difference is that “advanced” ingredients go into luxury cleansers, while more common generic ingredients go into drugstore brands. The idea is that if development takes longer in the lab, the price should be higher. But you actually have two ingredients that do the same thing – both clean your face!

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