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Features and Advantages of Pressure Transducers

Features and Advantages of Pressure Transducers

Most complex mechanical systems call for sophisticated components to monitor the pressure of liquids and gasses circulating within them. Ranging from ordinary passenger vehicles to giant industrial machines, the efficiency, safety, and performance of any system will rely on such equipment.

Pressure transducers, also known as pressure transmitters, are pieces of electromechanical equipment designed to measure pressure with extremely high degrees of accuracy. Using a combination of electrical and mechanical components, they can sense applied pressure and produce electrical outputs that make sense.

Types of Pressure Transducers

There are two main classification methods to categorize pressure transducers. We can classify them according to their uses, or we can classify them according to the measurement techniques they use. If you’re considering measurement technologies, key transducers include Piezoelectric, Inductive, Resonant, Potentiometric, Capacitance, and Strain Gauge transducers. 

You may also classify transducers according to certain types of applications because different types of systems will call for different types of transducers. These variations include

  • General Purpose Pressure transducers that can fit the broadest range of uses.
  • PC Board Mountable Pressure transducers that are small and can be fitted onto circuit boards for installation in other products.
  • Industrial/Heavy Duty Pressure transducers that are suited for large industrial environments where they will need to withstand high vibrations, noise, and considerable pressure ranges.
  • Flush Diaphragm Pressure transducers do not have a cavity between the process and the diaphragm, a circumstance that can be highly disruptive in certain systems
  • High-Accuracy/High-Stability transducers, which are designed to operate in high-precision settings. They can give us readings with error margins reaching as low as 0.05%.
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The Advantages of Pressure Transducers

There are several features and benefits that pressure transducers come with that make them highly advantageous additions to any system. These include the following:

  • Durability and Longevity: They are highly durable and simple to construct. Companies that install them in their equipment can rely on them to provide many years of service with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Precision and Sensitivity: They are lightweight, compact, and sensitive to changes in pressure, making them suitable for use in highly precise instruments and machinery. Industries where this is a crucial quality, such as medicine, aviation, biochemicals, etc., make today’s pressure transducers essential pieces of equipment.
  • Consistency: One of the most critical elements of a useful transducer is its internal regulation and stability, which ensures that the integrity of the data you receive remains constant.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: World-class pressure transducers are designed to deliver top performance at manageable costs through efficient engineering and quality, long-lasting raw materials.

Where are Pressure Transducers Used?

Pressure transducers can convert pressure in gasses and liquids into analog-digital signals that can be used by various devices and mechanisms, such as alarms and controllers in industrial, commercial, residential, and medical applications. Some of the most significant applications of pressure transmitters include;

  • Monitoring the pressure levels of liquids and gasses in medical devices
  • Sensing altitude in satellites, airplanes, weather balloons, etc.
  • Acting as barometers in HVAC systems by monitoring liquid levels using differential pressure sensors
  • Water pressure transducers are used in pump stations or wells to sense liquid levels
  • Brake pressure transducers monitor fuel, and brake pressure in automobiles
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Final Thoughts

According to a report prepared by Research Dive, the global market for pressure transducers is set to flourish in the coming years. This is because the world continues advancing on a path of increasing mechanization and industrialization.

As with all mechanical systems, the quality of the implements and components we use will determine the quality of the results we obtain. If you’re searching for high-quality pressure transducers or transmitted, make MicroSensor Corporation your first choice.

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