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Features and Process of Namkeen Packing Machine

Namkeen Packing Machine

Namkeen packing machine is used for packing various types of namkeens like beedis, uppittu, bajji etc. The machine seal the product in the form of namkeen pack.

This machine is ideal to pack your food products like namkeen, sevai, and cashewnut. With safety design and excellent cooling performance in temperature from room temperature to 15 degree centigrade, this machine can help you produce packing material for hot or cold foods even at ambient room temperature.

Namkeen packing machine is specially designed to pack various kinds of pure and processed foods in various shapes and sizes, such as ovals, circles and squares with smooth surface. It is simple to use and has been manufactured under the strict supervision of professional engineers. The machine is equipped with accurate timing gears and speed reducers to ensure constant feed rate during operation.

The Namkeen packing machine is used for packing small quantities of namkeens, bhajis, samosas and chappatis. The machine can be used both for air or water jet cut-outs. It is small enough to fit in most planters and spaces where only 10-15 units are required at a time. It also works on any type of tava/ griddle/ oven to prepare the food.

Features include:

  • It can produce different size plastic bags according to the clients’ requirements.
  • Namkeen packing machine is a simple and useful tool which can be used to pack the whole set of small and diverse items.
  • Namkeen is the most pure grain that we do, it’s the complete food. You can extract the flavor and make it palatable by adding other spices.
  • We use rice which is pure white to make various dishes but not so pure that it loses its color or flavor: to remove fibrous water and make a better nutritious dish for a healthier meal menu.
  • Namkeen packing machine is the best sorter for the food industry. It has a high speed, extra-wide conveyor belt, and advanced technology to make packing and packaging of poultry,meat and fish in chinese takeaway box.
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Machine Process

  • Namkeen packing machine is a food grade material that make the namkeen packing process so easy and quick.
  • The Namkeen packing machine is a sophisticated machine, which uses the latest technology and advances to process the namkeen properly. It helps in packaging namkeens in one uniform shape. This machine provides high quality packaging of namkeens at affordable prices.
  • Namkeen packing machine is designed to pack palatable and health meal, like rice and boiled form in bags. It can pack 1-2 kg per minute depending on size of the product.
  • It is built in Large Chamber, Continuous Tray, Air Cushion Packing, Perforated Inner Bag and Outer Bag with Sides fold sealing.
  • Namkeen packing process-Stringing machine is used to string the beans on to the cardboard strip, pack the namkeen into smaller casings of 50gm, 80gm and 100gm.

Machine Quality

The quality of Namkeen packing machine has always been high and the machines are made from high quality materials. They have a sturdy construction, which gives you confidence that the machine will last for a long time and provide value for money.


Namkeen packing machine is a complete packaging solution that facilitates the conversion of tomatoes and other vegetables into ready-to-eat and dehydrated variety, which is then packed in convenient cartons.

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