Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - An Ultimate Guide

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: An Ultimate Guide

ferrari world abu Dhabi tour
ferrari world abu Dhabi tour

Abu Dhabi is the most popular city and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is very famous for many ancient places. It has a lot of great visiting places for the tourists for example sandy beaches, luxury hotels and amazing theme parks. You can spend and enjoy your holidays in this beautiful city and make your trip memorable for your whole life. 

Among the most popular places which the United Arab Emirates offers, Ferrari world Abu Dhabi is the most famous and amazing place. It is the largest theme park of Abu Dhabi and provides a lot of adventurous activities to experience and also provide amazing rides to take and enjoy for the tourists. 

People of all ages can spend their entire day in this amazing theme park because it provides activities for the people according to their ages. This theme park was opened in 2010 for the public and now it is a great place of tourist attraction. This theme park has a lot of indoor and outdoor rides. Most of the rides and activities are indoor so people enjoy and lot and make their Ferrari world Abu Dhabi tour unforgettable. If you want to book your ticket for Ferrari world you need an ultimate guide. 

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Things to know about Abu Dhabi Ferrari World:

You can get a complete guide to Ferrari world after reading this content. Here we will provide you with the complete information about how you can book Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tickets, how you can arrange your trip to visit this theme park, what is the best time to visit and how you can reach it. 

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Get ready to rock on gleaming Ferrari: 

If you want to freely enjoy your tour and want complete freedom you should visit Ferrari world because it is the best place to entertain yourself. It is the best place to have fun with your family and friends. You can celebrate your special moments in this dazzling theme park of the UAE. People from different countries are also allowed to book their Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tickets. If you get free time for yourself and for your family from your hectic schedule to refresh yourself, then you should choose the Ferrari world for your refreshment. 

In order to attract and engage the tourists Ferrari World provides each and everything which is necessary to inspire the visitors. Rides of this park are designed in such a way that can easily enhance the level of madness in people to visit this park once in their life. Each day of the year Ferrari world organizes different shows for the tourists. You are safe and secure after entering into this park and can enjoy it without any fear. Along with the adventurous rides and slides food cafes are also available in this park where you can eat and enjoy the delicious meal of great variety.  

Best time to visit:

You can make your Ferrari world Abu Dhabi tour more amazing if you will be familiar with the best timings of visit to this theme park. This theme park is open for tourists from 11am to 8pm and it is open throughout the year. You should not visit this park on weekends if you want to avoid crowds. So, if you want to take all the rides without standing in a queue you should prefer to go on working days because you will face a lot of crowd during any holidays. Along with the best days, the best timing is also important and the best time is between 11 am to 12 at noon.

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How to get Ferrari world Abu Dhabi booking?

With the invention of modern technologies it is now a very easy task to book tickets for Ferrari world. You can book your tickets online and can also get the complete information and essential instructions about this theme park. So, you have no need to be worried about the booking. You can purchase the entry tickets immediately after reaching there. If you book your tickets online you will definitely get a special discount. So you should prefer Ferrari world Abu Dhabi booking online.  

How to reach Ferrari world theme park?

It is not a very difficult task to reach the Ferrari world. You can go through the bus. But if you are coming from the airport directly you should take the metro bus from terminal 3. After reaching the Ibn Battuta mall through the metro you have to take a bus to the shahama bus stop. After that you have to take a taxi to reach your stop. It is a long process and can confuse the beginners so you should prefer to book a personal ride to reach there. 

Famous rides of Ferrari world: 

Some popular and adventurous rides of Ferrari world theme park are mentioned below.

  • Formula Rossa
  • Tyre Twist
  • Speed of magic
  • Flying Aces

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