Botim apk (im.thebot.messenger) is a messaging platform that allows the users to make voice and video calls. It is a communication and social application that was developed by Algento Cloud Computing Limited. This app is absolutely free to download and you can safely and securely chat with any of your contacts by using a few resources. This app offers amazing features to its users like, it works as a conferring tool that allows you to create chats for almost 500 people, it works well on all connections such as 2G, 3G, 4G or wifi, supports all kind of file transfers without diminishing the quality of your files. It also has an encryption system that ensures you total safety of your messages from the online snippers and there are many more such things.

So, as you scroll down, you will find out all the information about the application like what are its different features, advantages of advertising with them and much more. So keep reading to find out all that.

What are the features of botim apk or app?

This is the communication platform that includes a number of interesting features which are not only super unique but also they stand out from the rest others as their working and functionality is really well. The features including voice and video calls using the wifi or the data plan, allows you to send all kinds of documents without compromising the quality and as are many more features of this application, we have listed all that below. Check out before you go on and download it for a better experience:

  1. It enables secure and fast chat and group chats- On this app, you can just freely and securely message your family and friends. You can also create groups to talk to multiple people at one place and it lets you create group chats for upto 500 members. You can also share pictures, GIFs, voice and video messages through it. 
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It also includes a voice and text messages encryption system which makes it one of the safest messaging platform for you out there. 

  1. Do unlimited voice/video calls in HD- You can make complete hassle-free and high quality, private and group voice and video calls. You can enjoy the best quality of unlimited HD calls in this app. 
  2. Make payments- Italso has a payment feature and its payment platform enables you to just top-up your e-wallet, scan and then pay offline and online. You can also collect money, withdraw the money and transfer to mobile and bank accounts both locally and internationally. It also lets you manage your latest transactions. 
  3. Give great offers- Through this app, you can get great offers like Buy 1 Get 1 free offers across various restaurants and SPAs. You also get instant online discounts on your favourite merchants and unlike other apps, there is absolutely no subscription fee that you need to pay to avail benefit of these offers.

More about botim Apk

There is a lot more about Botim application and what if offers like:

You can advertise with them and become their publishing partner- As it is one of the most popular VoIP apps in the country, Botim can actually bring you more customers than any other existing program can. 

And to apply to become a publisher partner of Botim, all you need to do is send them an email and they will contact you in some time only once they receive your information. 

Advantage of Advertising with botim apk

There are several advantages of promoting with this application like:

  1. Create marketing promotions- You can create relevant and exciting offers for your customer with this application so that you are able to attract more and more people.
  2. Get to know your customer better- Through analytics and data, you will get to know and understand your customer better and that you can do with this application.
  3. Increase our brand awareness- As when you get promoted on this platform, get featured on their app and their promotional material, it helps you create your brand awareness and attract more customers. 
  4. Run Ads natively- You can run digital ads natively on their platform to the Botim users. All this is done with complete access and control on the targeting. 
  5. Get featured on the app- And of course what’s the main thing here is that get promoted on their app and promotional material which overall benefits you and your brand to grow.
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Botim apk complete information

There are various app related information like:

  1. App by- Algento Cloud Computing Limited
  2. Last updated- 20th september, 2022
  3. App package- i’m.thebot.package
  4. Operating System- Android
  5. Android supported version- Android 21 and above
  6. Category- Free Communication App
  7. Its App size- It various with devices
  8. Download version of app- 2.12.0
  9. Licence type- Free
  10. Its content rating- 3+
  11. Supported Languages- English and 45 more
  12. Number of Downloads- More than a Lakh
  13. Options to download- Apk and Google Play

Become a VIP member on Botim Apk

So on this application, you can upgrade and subscribe to have a complete ad-free experience with the VIP membership program offered by Botim. You also get early access to all the upcoming new features and can enjoy the HD calling, Higher quality of network, blurred background and an exclusive badge of VIP on your profile of Botim app. Sounds interesting, righit?. 

So you might wonder now what are the terms of their VIP membership? Well, continue to read to find out.

The terms of the VIP membership of the botim apk states that:

  1. A subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account once the confirmation of the purchase is done. 
  1. Also, subscription gets auto-renew with the cost of the package chosen by you unless it is cancelled by you at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current package. 
  2. You can also manage your subscription and can turn off the auto-renewal mode of it by going to the settings of your account after the purchase. 
  3. Also, once you have purchased it, no refund is provided at all for any unused portion of the term. 
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To conclude, we can say that botim apk is one of the best messaging platforms that comes with many exciting features. Not only messaging, but users can do a lot more like making payments etc. So it’s time for you now to check out this amazing application and enjoy!!

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