Five advantages of optical fiber in the medical field

advantages of optical fiber

Advantages of optical fiber with the rapid advancement in technology, more diseases are uncovering. At the same time, scientists and researchers are using more and more of the common technologies for improving healthcare. They are constantly trying to find a way to utilize tools like optical fiber for the benefit of humanity.

Improving the health of the general public all over the world has made it possible to extend lifespans, and fiber optics is one of the savior technologies in the field of medicine and healthcare. Whether it is surgery or bio-sensing, fiber optics is an enabling technology appreciated by most health practitioners.

This article aims to expound upon some application and advantages of optical fiber in health and patient care.

Five applications of optical fiber in healthcare

Fiber optics is a technology that is being used in various industries in the twenty-first century. Serving humanity by improving healthcare is the noblest cause optical fiber is used. The technology offers flexibility and robustness in its characteristics. It owes its advantages to its high sensitivity and very small size. The technology is immune to Electromagnetic radiation and noise.

Thus, in the environment found by many other technologies as unfavorable, fiber optics remain invincible. The following are its application and advantages of optical fiber in health care and medicine:

1. Use in medical devices

Nowadays, there are hardly any diagnostics and treatments where there is no use of an electronic device. Optical fibers are used as an essential component in medical devices, whether you are going for endoscopic imaging, Pressure and position sensing, or scintillation counting. Even in devices like intravascular pressure transducers and in vivo oximeters, fiber optics are used.

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If you are a biomedical engineering company, fiber optics are an essential tool for your devices. You need to make sure you are using top-notch quality of fiber optic by UAE based companies to have good quality and reliable results. More medical facilities will come for your devices as a result

2. Highly sensitive sensors

Most fiber optics are very sensitive to high temperatures and pressures. Thus, numerous kinds of sensors used in the medical field are based on fiber optics. These include electric and magnetic field sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors,

3. Tight bend tolerance for invasive surgery

Most technologies used invasive surgery can have drawbacks.  Optical fiber has a tight bend tolerance and a very large scale of geometrical versatility. Its robust characteristics make it usable for invasive surgical procedures. Its tight bend tolerance is the reason fiber optics is very frequently used for invasive surgical procedures.

Besides geometrical versatility, it is also immune to electromagnetic radiations; thus, there are no side effects caused to the body of a patient in case of invasive surgery based on fiber optics.

4. Diagnostics and treatment

With the rapid pace of advancements in technology, many solutions are quickly becoming obsolete as new ones take over. A solution only takes over or replaces an already practiced solution when it provides for optimal treatment and is more reliable.

With spectroscopic applications and sensor-based devices, doctors are able to detect a disease in its early stages. When a disease is detected in its early phases, the treatment costs decline, and success probability increases. As a biomedical engineering company, you can look for fiber optic cable Dubai that are reshaping practices involved in the development of medical devices and are making room for new areas of application with quick diagnosis and high recovery rates.

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5. Patient-centered medicine

Since technology has made it easier to cater to the needs of an individual in all respects of life, the medical field is not behind either. When it comes to treatment if different medical issues, every patient has unique needs and demands; in the case of aesthetic surgery, a cosmetic surgeon may have to look into an individual case with no precedent and then order a device accordingly.

Similarly, for problems related to areas of phlebology, Endoscopy, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Dentistry, optical fibers can help devise patient-centric treatments. Besides, professionals are also looking for custom solutions nowadays in the field of Gastroenterology, Pneumology, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Urology, Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT) for their patients.

Order fiber optic devices for your healthcare facility!

The world is moving ahead at a very fast pace. In order to stay afloat in the market, you must keep pace and follow the important trends. Fiber optic-based medical technologies are not just a trend but a need of the modern-day. A patient would go to a hospital with a better record for optimal diagnostics and treatment.

Healthcare facilities are using Optical fiber-based devices in the most advanced parts of the world. You can opt for these too for your UAE based hospital. You just have to make sure that the telecommunication equipment you order have the best fiber optic used in them. Make a careful choice.

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