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Five Best Recipes Made Out of Soy


Do you know what’s the most trending vegan food these days? It’s a nutritious soy-based food.
Yes, you heard that right! While soybeans have been a part of Asian cuisines since time
unknown, recently it has gained much traction as the most popular plant-based proteinaceous
food for vegetarians and vegans.
So, what makes them so popular? Soya beans are healthy and nutritious. Those looking for a
healthy alternative to animal protein or are lactose intolerant often switch to foods like tofu, soy
milk, soya chunks, soya nuggets, soybean oil, etc. Therefore, if you are a vegan or want to
avoid animal protein, get your soy products from the store and try out these five delicious soy

  1. Soybean Salad
    If you are on a diet, you would likely prefer a healthy, nutritious, and oil-free recipe. On this note,
    soybean salad can be an easy-to-prepare recipe that can help to boost metabolism and keep
    your heart healthy. Furthermore, this recipe has a high nutritional value, almost the same as
    animal nutrition.

 Soaked soybeans
 Chopped veggies like red, green, and yellow bell peppers, cabbage, beans, carrot
 Lemon juice
 Salt pepper
 Olive oil
 Sesame seeds
Here’s the recipe for you:
To prepare soaked soybeans, pressure-cook them until the chunks are soft. Additionally, you
can add red, green, and yellow bell peppers, cabbage, soaked beans, carrots, lime juice, salt,
and pepper. You can even add a little amount of olive oil and sesame seeds to it.

  1. Stir-fry Tofu and Mushroom
    Tofu is also one of the best protein-rich soy foods. Those trying this ingredient for the first time
    must remember to prepare the tofu correctly, or it wouldn’t taste good. This tofu stir fry is
    inherently gluten-free and vegan for individuals with dietary restrictions.
     Tofu
     Soy sauce
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 Teriyaki
 Garlic
 Mushrooms
 Vegetables
 Sesame seeds
 Salt

You can make a dynamic supper with only some tofu, a few vegetables, mushrooms, a bottle of
soy sauce, and a couple of garlic cloves from your pantry. In a pan, heat some oil, add the garlic
and tofu, and stir-fry them well. With tofu’s firm texture, turning it crispy in the pan makes it even
more delicious.
Add all the veggies and mushrooms and cook them well. Next, add one tablespoon of soy
sauce and teriyaki. It becomes even more flavorful when you add sesame and teriyaki. Add salt
as per taste and complete it by adding sesame seeds. You can even prepare smoked tofu stir-
fry to get a more robust flavor and serve it with brown rice.

  1. Thai Soybean

This soy food recipe is vegetarian, flavorful, and low in fat. You can prepare this recipe at home
for both kids and adults. If you are under dietary restrictions, this can be a great recipe.
 Crunchy vegetables
 Lemon juice
 Bean sprouts
 Chilies, etc.
 Salt, pepper powder
 Soaked soybeans
 Garlic and chopped onions
 Chicken cubes (optional)
 Red curry paste
 Soy sauce
 Coriander, peanuts, chili flakes
Check out the recipe:
Soak the soybean in water and wait for it to turn soft. In a wok, heat some oil and add chopped
onions in it. Also, add green chilies and garlic as per taste, along with the soya bean chunks.
Stir it well and add Thai red curry paste, soy sauce, tomato sauce, and salt according to taste.
If you aren’t a vegan or vegetarian, you can add chicken cubes. Saute it for a while, and lastly,
add some pepper powder and spring onions. You can add coriander, peanuts, chili flakes,
lemon juice, etc., and it’s ready to serve hot.

  1. Soy Milk Pudding
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The combination of soybean flour and soy milk results in a smooth, delicious, and soft dessert.
Once you have soy milk pudding, you’ll want to have more of it.
 Gelatin
 Soybean flour
 Soy milk
 Coconut milk (optional)
 Sugar
Here is the recipe:
To make this recipe, soak a few pieces of gelatin until it softens. Heat the soy milk to a boil
before simmering it for 15 minutes. Then, add 2 cups of milk or coconut milk after turning the
heat off. This helps to blend flavors and bring the temperature of the soy milk down to 60 to 70
degrees C. Wait until the soy milk cools down to 60 to 70 degrees C if you are using soy milk
solely. Add the gelatin and mix it well.
Divide after straining it into more compact containers. Place in the refrigerator to harden it. You
can serve it after sprinkling extra soya bean flour on top or adding additional soya bean flour to
the dish. After using up the top layer, add another layer and sift it to ensure that every mouthful
of the dessert has soybean flour. This pairing tastes quite nice.

  1. Soya and Oat Pancakes
    You may eat cooked soybeans, a protein-rich legume, in various ways, and one such way is to
    make pancakes. It also offers several health benefits.
     Soya flour
     Oats
     Chopped vegetable
     Salt
     Water or soy milk
    Soak the oats in water for 30 to 45 minutes. Grind the soaking oats with other ingredients like
    chopped vegetables and salt. Add soy flour to the mixture; you may use soy milk instead of
    water. Add water to the batter if necessary. The batter has to be rather thick. Heat some oil in a
    nonstick pan. Pour the batter into pancake shapes. Serve this hot after cooking it until both
    sides are medium brown.
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Junk foods are indeed tastier than healthy foods, which usually have a bland taste. But these
recipes mentioned above are not only healthy but also yummy. Moreover, they can serve whole
meals, not just snacks. So, try them without fail!

Dario Smith