Five Important Things You Ought to Consider Before Going Blonde 

Thinking of going blonde? There is no doubt it’s a beautiful color. Not every woman carries it off as beautifully, but you can experiment and see how it looks. Gone are those days when you had to go to a salon to get your hair colored. It is an expensive affair! Salon services are expensive, and that’s why you need to think about hair color shampoos. Are they good? Is it safe to use hair color shampoos? We’ll tell you all about it, but first let’s take a look at the five important things you ought to consider before going blonde. 

As you move forward, we will also highlight why you should buy blonde hair color shampoo instead of chemical-induced dyes. Keep reading! 

List of Five Important Things You Need to Consider Before Going Blonde 

Going for any other hair color is a big decision. You always look at women in Hollywood and think blonde hair would look good on you. Please note that Hollywood hair always looks neat and flawless. 

There is something about blonde women that attracts the male species. Perhaps its the hue of their hair or simply the way the hair puts it all together. 

You could also get the same flawless hair if you consider these five important things before going blonde. 

#1 What’s your skin tone? 

There are some women who would carry a redhead look beautifully, and others would look better with blonde hair. Now, you need to remember that your skin tone plays a crucial role in selecting a hair color. You could speak to your friends, family, or your colleagues about what color hair would suit you. Blonde looks good on most women, but you still need to figure out whether it looks good on you. 

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#2 What’s your haircut like? 

In case you have a fringe, changing your hair color to blonde would require a lot of maintenance. Perhaps you should get a haircut and then go blonde. 

You would also need to think whether blonde hair would look good with longer hair, shorter hair, and so on. There is a lot you need to think about before taking the plunge. 

#3 Your budget and the life you lead 

Well, budget should not be an issue if you are going for a hair color shampoo. These hair color shampoos can be used multiple times (usually 10 times). 

This way you are saving a lot of money. Moreover, it does not require you to go to a salon. You can simply walk into the shower, apply the hair color shampoo, and walk out with blonde hair. It’s very easy to use hair color shampoo and they’re very effective too. 

You also need to check the kind of clothes you have. Does it go with your new hair color? Although it is not a big deal, keeping up with trends or setting a fashion statement is necessary. 

#4 Your eyebrow color 

Would you want your eyebrow color to be the same? Do you wish to match it with blonde hair? It is a personal choice. But you would need to think about it before going blonde. 

Here’s some advice: you might want to go two shades lighter than the current brow color. 

#5 Dye it the Traditional Way or Opt for Hair Color Shampoo? 

Once again, it is your decision whether you want to dye your hair or use hair color shampoo. Let’s weigh the options – hair colorists at salons may tell you to visit a few times to get the perfect color hair. Hair color shampoo, on the other hand, is easier to use and does not require professional intervention. 

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Dyes are filled with chemicals and they do more harm to your hair. You need something herbal and safe. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Were you able to connect the dots? Going blonde could be a good decision but do consider the above pointers. 

Your hair deserves care and no ill treatment. When you dye it with chemical-induced hair colors, it damages your hair and there is no escape. 

Once damaged, your hair starts looking lifeless and dull. To fix this, you use other chemical treatments to get it back to normal. 

If you have made up your mind about going blonde, you might want to choose a herbal hair color shampoo. Simply apply it in the shower, let it be 20-30 minutes, and come out with beautiful blonde hair. It isn’t a complicated process, so you should definitely try it. 

You have seen famous faces time and again. They look fabulous as blondes. If you are in the mood to change your hair color, grab this opportunity and get a herbal hair color shampoo. Make sure you buy the right one and from a good brand. This will give you desirable results and you won’t regret the decision too. 

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