FMWhatsApp Review – What Are the Limitations of FMWhatsApp?

In this FmWhatsApp review, I will discuss some of the limitations of the app. Its performance is limited and it can be infected with trojan virus. If you are still considering purchasing this application, it is best to know about its limitations before deciding whether it is worth your time. There are many advantages to using this app but there are some disadvantages as well.


FM WhatsApp download is a modified version of WhatsApp that is not found in the AppStore. This app has been developed by SX Projects and offers various additional features. This application has been hailed for its performance and has gained immense popularity among users. However, users should be aware that it is illegal to use FMWhatsApp on their phones.

FMWhatsApp is a highly modified version of WhatsApp that offers various additional features. Its main features include customization of themes and privacy settings. Its advanced privacy features enable users to enjoy the app lock, conversation lock, and changing tick styles. This app is the best choice for those who want a material design and advanced security features. to Enjoy the features download it form Installing WhatsApp

Another great feature of FMWhatsApp is the ability to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. Users can also send videos up to 50 MB and do so without compressing them. Users can also customize their privacy settings by using a separate phone number. Finally, users can also customize their widget according to their preference.

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FM WhatsApp is a modded version of the official WhatsApp application, and it comes with several benefits over the official version. This app includes features like an anti-delete feature, over a thousand themes, and the ability to send and receive large files. However, it does have a few limitations. These limitations include the inability to report errors or security risks, and a slower update cycle.

The first limitation is that sharing pictures via WhatsApp has a limited quality. This is due to the compression that WhatsApp uses when sending pictures to save data. However, you can turn off this limitation by enabling the “Full Resolution Image Sharing” option in the MOD settings. The next limitation is that you cannot send videos over 16MB. Nevertheless, this limitation doesn’t prevent you from using FMWhatsApp.

Another limitation is that you can’t backup your chats to Google Drive. However, you can backup and restore chats using FMWhatsApp. There are 3 ways to do this:

Infection with trojan virus

Kaspersky Lab researchers have identified a trojan virus that targets FMWhatsApp, a modified version of the popular messaging application. Known as the Triada trojan virus, the malware can disrupt users’ experience on the app. The trojan uses the messaging platform to sign victims up for a premium subscription.

It downloads different types of malware that can make the user’s phone vulnerable. This includes Trojan Triada, which collects details on the user’s device and sends it to a remote server, where the virus can then download more malware. The trojan also intercepts text messages to gather sensitive data from users. It then asks users to grant permissions to view and sign into other accounts.

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Once on a device, the FMWhatsapp Trojan may download other malware and send other threats to it. The FMWhatsapp mod is often downloaded by naive users who are looking for features that the official app does not offer. Some of these features include self-destructing messages, dynamic themes, and automatic translation.

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