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Gaudium IVF: Renowned and Best IVF Centre in Delhi

Our journey in becoming the best IVF Centre in Delhi is a testimony of our dedication and commitment to spreading unbounded happiness in the lives of childless couples. We have been a witness to the challenges the couples face when they are unable to conceive their baby and by giving them a surety that they will enjoy. The gifts of fatherhood we have carved a special place for ourselves in their hearts and family. 

In our endeavor to become the best IVF Clinic in Delhi, we have left no stone unturned to bring in the latest technology in our clinic and provide the best infrastructure to our clients in Delhi so that their dreams are fulfilled in the best of environs and by the best team of fertility consultants, embryologists, and nursing staff.

Why should you visit our IVF Centre in Delhi?

Infertility treatment is not just any ordinary treatment because apart from the physical treatment, the patient needs emotional counseling too and at our IVF Centre in Delhi, you will be treated with care and love. Our IVF Centre in Delhi is well-equipped and we have the best team of doctors to cater to the requirements of childless couples. Striving for excellence is the dictum we follow and thus when you will visit our Fertility center in Delhi you will find:

  • High Success Rate
  • Handle World’s Most Complex Cases
  • World-Class Treatment at Low EMI 
  • Latest technology and equipment in laboratories

Cost of IVF Treatment in Delhi

You must know that IVF is one of the costlier options for fertility treatment. But the actual cost of IVF completely depends on your fertility issue and the treatment methods that you have to undergo. While some can conceive a child in one IVF treatment, others may have to go through multiple IVF cycles. So, IVF cost largely varies according to the infertility status.

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The typical IVF cost in India ranges between 1.50 lakhs to 2 lakhs per cycle of IVF. This usually includes all diagnoses as well as surgical procedures, tests, and other treatments. But with the development of medical science, modern diagnostic tests and treatment methods are being used which has increased the cost of IVF all over the world. Therefore, you can’t get an exact upper bound on the cost of IVF. Depending on the patient cases, that cost will vary. To get an average idea of the cost, you can visit IVF centers and collect information about IVF treatment cost. 

Factors Included in the Cost of IVF:

  • Lab Tests
  • Medication
  • Ultrasounds
  • Embryo Culture, Transfer, and Storage

Additional treatment cost:

However, the price of IVF treatment in delhi can increase if you need additional fertility treatments along with IVF. Embryo freezing, artificial insemination, ICSI treatment, and more can cost you extra in addition to the base fee of IVF. Consulting an IVF center in Delhi can help solve all your IVF cost related queries and provide you with an approximate estimate.

The cost of IVF treatment is actually proportional to the type of treatment technique used as well as the number of cycles it takes for the patient to become pregnant successfully. But make sure that you do not get lured by IVF centers that offer very low prices for the treatment. Choosing a random center may save you money but may increase your costs in the long run. Make sure to choose a reputed IVF center to increase your chances of pregnancy success.

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Take first step towards your Parenthood Journey by visiting Gaudium IVF for free Counselling. Website:, Call at +91-8527 858 585.

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