Give Your Customers The Best Packaging Experience With Pvc Bags

PVC Bags

People have been using PVC bags for more than 40 years, but the ones we use now are much better. The PVC bulk bag made by Structure-flex (SFX) in the UK is, without a doubt, the best bulk bag. Many of Europe’s top manufacturers use it to store food, chemicals, and medicines. 

Right through this guide, we will discuss giving your customers the best packaging experience with PVC bags. But why?

It offers high performance in packaging:

One of the best things about SFX’s Custom PVC Bags is that they work well, even in harsh conditions. They don’t let any water in, so leaving them in the rain or snow won’t hurt them. This is because the bags are available out of a polyester fabric that is stronger with a PVC coating, and the seams are all welded. Because of how they are manufactured, these bulk bags can be available to carry expensive water-sensitive products that need to be kept safe from the harsh outside environment.

A high level of safety is available:

Companies often have to meet strict health and safety standards regardless of the business type or size. SFX often manufactures PVC bags which you can use to transport UN-certified dangerous materials. These bags are often available with the full UN certification. Also, the bag has document pockets that are welded into the fabric so that any documents can be seen and won’t get wet.

Perfect for certain types of packaging:

Like the other bulk bags, Cliffe Packaging sells, SFX PVC packaging bags can be customized to fit specific packaging needs. They can have different coatings on the outside, such as polyurethane coatings for food and pharmaceuticals.  They often use anti-static coatings for highly volatile environments to ensure that filling and emptying are performed safely.  Every single PVC bag can be available with special closures, drawstrings, hygiene flaps, or double skirts. This is best for filling any existing filling or discharging equipment. 

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Excellent value:

The average life expectancy of PVC bags is more than three years. They make more money than many other bulk bags and pay for themselves quickly over time. Also, if the bag gets damaged, it can be fixed quickly without affecting the quality or safety. If you are running a supermarket or store, printing the business logo, name, or other information over the plastic bags would be much easier. And the best thing is in view that it is simple to make changes in the overall design. 

Less damage to the environment:

Companies need to be fully aware of how they affect the environment and do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. The PVC bags wholesale is one such type of packaging which you can use more than once. This makes businesses less reliant on the disposable packaging that comes with other types of bulk bags.

Easy to set up and in storage:

Structure-flex bulk PVC bags come in many different colours, so you can use them to colour-code products and avoid mistakes that can happen when labels are hard to read or damaged. You can even fold these bags to save extra space when you are not using them. Plastic bags are so much easier to open, pack and fold. This saves so much of your time. And in terms of space, plastic bags will take much less space than paper bags. Compared to plastic bags, reusable cloth bags will take up extra space and weigh more. 

Biodegradable nature:

Most PVC bags are biodegradable, meaning they can break down in the trash in a reasonable amount of time. They break down in three years, while it takes at least 500 years for a regular plastic bag to break down.  This is because bacteria or other living things break down biodegradable bags. Biodegradable plastic bags don’t harm the environment and don’t leave any waste behind.

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It uses less energy and creates less solid waste:

Making a plastic bag uses less energy and creates less solid waste. A plastic bag takes up to 40% less energy than a paper bag and produces 70% less solid waste. A plastic bag piece will cost you around 0.25 cents, which is much cheaper than a paper bag, which costs 5 cents or even more. You have to spend with few more dollars on reusable cloth bags. This shows that purchasing plastic bags in bulk will be a lot beneficial for small businesses and profit margins.

Waterproof and highly durable 

People know that plastic bags last a long time. They are quite a lot harder to tear and can somehow easily stand up to different chemicals. When it comes to keeping the things inside dry and safe from rain or water, plastic bags are better than paper or cloth bags. So, these are some significant reasons you should use custom PVC bags wholesale at work and home.

To end with the discussion, businesses seek out the most lucrative method of product packaging to maximize their profits. A transparent PVC packaging wholesale is an excellent assistance for you in this scenario. They won’t strain your financial resources, so you won’t need to worry about them. 

People have an easier time carrying products out of the store thanks to their ability to be molded into many shapes and their low weight. Additionally, the fact that customers can utilize them for more than one thing elevates their significance in the customers’ eyes. Altering them to suit the requirements of your merchandise better is another option available to you.

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