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Global & UK B2B Ecommerce Promotions Agency

Whether you are just starting to build your online business or you are looking to improve your existing ecommerce marketing efforts, a global & uk b2b ecommerce promotions agency can help you. There are many benefits to hiring a promotional firm, including the increased reach that you’ll receive, the improved visibility that you’ll gain, and the increased traffic that you’ll see to your website.

Octopus Group

Founded in 2001, Octopus Group is a full-service B2B marketing agency. The team works with technology brands, helping them to deliver demand generation. The agency provides a complete package of digital, demand generation and insight-activation strategies. Its clients include Siemens, Logitech, Bluetooth, Adobe, and ACI Worldwide.

The agency’s latest accolade was the B2B Marketing Grand Prix. Their Destination Next campaign was a winner in three categories, and generated 360,000 impressions and 88 leads. The campaign also received a share of five star online reviews.

The agency also has a unique training program, The Brand to Sales Academy. This programme focuses on educating its staff on digital marketing. In addition, the team provides insight-activation strategies and high-performing martech automation. It has also earned a number of industry awards for customer service and customer experience.

The agency’s team is made up of 60 members. They work with clients in eight marketing disciplines. The agency is part of Publicis Groupe’s Power of One model. The company has offices in the US, UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Octopus has been working with B2B brands for 17 years, with a majority of its clients being technology focused. The company has experienced a significant increase in project sizes, with a 30% increase in average project size. It is one of the most awarded B2B marketing agencies in the UK.

Fox Agency

Managing director Mark Irwin, Chief Marketing Officer Michael Scantlebury, Chief Technology Officer Gavin Lowther, and Creative Director Ben Fox have been in business for well over a decade and have a knack for creating and delivering marketing and technology programs that deliver real results. The company has a strong track record of winning awards such as the prestigious PRCA Marketing Excellence Awards in the UK and at the global level. It has recently announced several high-profile appointments, including the head of digital at Visualsoft and the GM of its UK channel operations. These appointments have cemented Fox’s position as the go-to partner for many of the country’s leading brands. The agency will be kicking off its next generation customer experience programs in a big way in the coming months.

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Fabrik Brands

Fabrik Brands is a global and b2b ecommerce promotions agency that focuses on direct consumer engagement. It’s got a sizable portfolio of retail brands. Fabrik’s e-commerce offerings include a variety of branded apparel, accessories and footwear. Some of the more noteworthy brands include Nike, Polo, and Adidas. Using a mix of marketing and customer experience best practices, Fabrik Brands delivers a branded experience to shoppers that is measurable in terms of brand affinity, customer retention and purchase conversion. It is a best-in-class agency that helps retailers achieve their goals. The company’s b2b offerings include a comprehensive e-commerce platform, e-commerce marketing, e-commerce analytics, e-commerce fulfilment, and e-commerce data analytics.


Founded in 2001, Clarify is a global and UK B2B ecommerce promotions agency. A B2B marketing agency, they have a knack for the latest and greatest in digital marketing. Despite being a relatively young agency, they boast a track record of award-winning work, and have a knack for the trifecta: strategic marketing, branding, and creative services. They have some of the biggest clients in the world and some of the most impressive campaigns in the business. Their clients include Nike, Amazon, and Xerox, among others. They have won countless awards for their work, including the largest prize in the B2B ecommerce category. Despite being a relatively small agency, they have a knack for making big ideas work for small companies.


Founded in 2001, Omobono is a digital B2B marketing agency that specializes in transforming small moves into big results. Omobono has been recognized for its expertise in marketing, branding and digital design, and has a wide variety of clients, including many of the world’s biggest brands. Omobono has been named Large Agency of the Year at the 2021 ANA B2 Awards.

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Another agency that is known for turning small moves into big results is Twogether. Twogether is a Glasgow-based marketing agency that provides fully integrated in-house services to its clients. Twogether has been recognized for its expertise in marketing, advertising and social media, and has won gold awards for Best Use of MarTech for Brand Building and Best Lead Generation Campaign. Twogether has also been named the fastest-growing B2B marketing agency in the 2021 B2B Marketing Report.

Another agency that has made a name for itself is Gravity Global, an award-winning B2B marketing agency that operates in South Africa, South America, and the US. Gravity Global has worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, Avast, Seat, Nikon, and more. Gravity Global also recently acquired Wonder B2B, a digital marketing agency that specializes in B2B marketing and has been named the top digital B2B marketing agency in the US.

Gravity Global

Despite its modest size, Gravity Global is a full service, award winning B2B marketing agency. With offices in South Africa, the UK, and the US, Gravity Global offers a full service solution. From branding and reputation to execution, marketing communications, and analytics, Gravity Global has what it takes to drive business success.

Gravity Global has recently acquired another B2B agency, Further Digital Marketing, which has offices in Norwich, the UK. This acquisition is designed to grow Gravity’s existing expertise in performance marketing, leveraging the expertise of 35 employees in Norwich to support Gravity’s London offices. This is the latest in a series of moves for Gravity Global. It has also teamed up with two independent universities to launch a series of educational programmes.

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The award-winning B2B agency Gravity Global offers a range of services including brand strategy, reputational performance, full-service creative, demand performance, and media planning & buying. The agency has earned awards for its achievements in the industry, including the Drum Business Agency of the Year award.

Gravity Global has been working with a variety of leading brands, including Avast, ADESA, Coca-Cola, Nikon, and Seat. Gravity Global has also been awarded the Best B2B Marketing Agency by Drum Business and The Drum Business Marketing Agency of the Year.


Located in Bury, Greater Manchester, Seeksocial is a global and UK B2B ecommerce promotions agency. With a team of highly-skilled marketing professionals and over forty years of experience in digital marketing, Seeksocial has the skills and expertise to help businesses grow their online presence and generate more leads. As an integrated marketing agency, Seeksocial offers a comprehensive range of services, from digital strategy to creative design, content marketing and PR. They have partnered with a variety of companies including Shopify, WordPress, Google and Facebook. They are also an accredited partner with GDP Gold. Their clients include some of the biggest brands in the world, including Mokanix, a software company that helps hospitals and clinics increase leads from their ads.

Seeksocial was recognized as a top B2B company by Clutch. They have also been awarded several prestigious industry awards, including the Drum Awards B2B for Agency of the Year and the ANA B2 Awards for Large Agency of the Year. They are part of the Mission collective of creative UK agencies. They have worked with clients in a variety of industries, including financial services, retail, travel, health and hospitality. They are also a certified HubSpot Diamond partner.


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