Going For Lab-Created Diamonds Is A Wise Choice

Lab-created diamonds are primarily cultivated in the laboratory. These are not mined diamonds, and hence no mining conditions, poor wages and concerns about blood diamonds are attached to them.

A carat of a mined diamond indeed removes around 250 tons of soil from the EarthEarth. It requires 120 gallons of water and emits 140 lbs of carbon dioxide. But when it comes to online lab grown diamonds – they are more sustainable and responsible since no mining is required. It also prevents both water and electricity wastage along with air pollution. Cultured diamonds are alternatives, and so they are affordable. They are less expensive than natural diamonds of good size and quality. This makes them an excellent choice for gifting and adding to one’s jewellery box.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Well, they are natural diamonds which are grown inside a laboratory by specialists and scientists who work specifically to create them. These diamonds have the same optical, physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are considered real diamonds only because they emit the same sparkle, lustre and fire. If one is wondering then what is the difference between the two, then the difference lies in the process of making.

Lab-grown diamonds are cultivated in the same circumstances. They contain atoms of crystalized carbons in identical structures, just like natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are found a thousand miles beneath the crust of the EarthEarth, but artificial diamonds are grown highly in controlled laboratory environments. They are produced with the help of advanced technology to recreate the ideal condition under which natural diamonds are developed.

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How are they created?

There are two major processes for creating lab-grown diamonds. Here, a tiny seed of diamond is placed in chambers to undergo a technological revolution so that it can make a real manufactured diamond. When they are formed, they have rough edges. So they are needed to be polished by the diamond artisans just like the way natural diamonds are polished.

  • In the chemical vapour deposition process, the diamond seed is placed in the plasma reactor chamber. Then a blend of various carbon-contained gases is released there at low pressure. As the temperature in the room rises above 1000 degrees, the gas molecules disintegrate, and the carbon atoms are bonded with the seed. They are then crystalized, and the roots grow layer by layer to form a rough diamond.
  • The high-pressure high temperature uses mechanical presses to apply extreme pressure and temperature on the diamond seed. This process also leads to a rough lab-grown diamond.

Reasons to choose them:

  • These lab-created diamonds are at least 40 per cent cheaper than the ones mined from EarthEarth.
  • They are better for the environment, and they need less water and energy to be produced.
  • Lab-created diamonds are physically and, of course, optically identical to those mined diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are polished, and then graded with carat, cut, colour and clarity just like the natural diamonds are prepared. Lab-created diamonds can also be certified by some grading institutes if needed. They have the same optical, physical and chemical traits as natural diamonds, so it becomes pretty difficult to distinguish them from the mined ones with a naked eye or even a microscope.

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Are they worth it?

Lab-grown diamonds offer great value, and they are more affordable than the natural diamonds. These cultured diamonds can be at least 40 per cent less expensive than the mined ones. The mined diamonds industry is mainly filled with intermediaries, but when it comes to lab-grown ones, then there is an increased transparency which leads to proper pricing and valuation.

When it comes to lab-grown diamonds, one must know about fancy and coloured diamonds as well.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

lab made diamond is primarily white diamonds which have a specific physical and chemical composition which makes them perfectly transparent in both hue and colour. But fancy colour diamonds are the ones that show colours beyond white, and they come in mostly all the colours of the spectrum. They include brown or yellow diamonds, and the other colours that are available are pink, green, blue, purple, orange and more.

How are they created?

The creation process of a fancy coloured diamond is the same as the white lab-grown diamonds. Just like the colourless ones – these are also created in the laboratory by replicating the process which is found in nature to create some beautiful coloured diamonds. The process is either high temperature and high pressure or the chemical vapour deposition so that they remain physically and chemically identical to their natural counterparts. Depending on the hue, colour and saturation – the fancy coloured diamonds get their colours in many ways. The pink and green diamonds get their colour inserted after the diamond formation. On the other hand, the blue diamonds get their colour from the exposure of Boron. The fancy yellow ones again are formed of Nitrogen.

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Lab-created fancy colored diamonds come in a wide variety of shades and hues. The most common of them are yellow and pink, and the blue and red ones are pretty rare. Irrespective of the colour and rarity – these fancy diamonds are the same as the natural ones when it comes to lustre and sparkle. If one wants to buy EarthEarth mined coloured natural diamonds, then they are very expensive. That is why; one can go for the lab-created ones because it is not only cheaper but a conflict-free alternative.

They also come in a wide variety and in unique hues and shades as compared to the natural ones. This is because it is easier for scientists to experiment and control all the settings in a lab. So, lab-grown fancy stones are many, and one can choose their desired colour from those.

Buying lab-created diamonds are very ethical because they are grown in a controlled environment. With mined diamonds, one can see child labour, blood diamonds and many other things. Also, lab-created diamonds are more environmentally sustainable than mined diamonds, which need a lot of earth pressure to be extracted.

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