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Gojek Clone App: Strategies For Effective On-demand Medical Services App

Gojek Clone App
Gojek Clone App

Do you know what Postmates, Uber, Grab, Instacart, and other such apps have in common? Well, they operate in an in-demand industry that is forecasted to be $335 billion by 2025. There are several on-demand multi-service apps available in the market. However, along with services from transportation, beauty, fitness, and more, on-demand medical services are getting popular as well. Thus, an entrepreneur who wants a quick-to-launch and profitable business and tap into the online healthcare industry needs a Gojek Clone app!

The Perks of Launching a Gojek-like App

Launching an on-demand multi-service app means that the entrepreneur can make more money, expand their reach, capture more industries, etc.

The pre-built on-demand app offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop an all-in-one app that:

  • Connects local service providers to a suitable audience
  • Facilitates booking and scheduling services
  • Delivers a superior customer experience

The biggest perk of developing and launching the Gojek-like app is that entrepreneurs help customers to leverage their smartphones and organize their lives easily. In simple terms, the more convenience you can offer your customer, the better retention rate you can maintain.

Furthermore, your plan to provide on-demand medical services is already trending and attracting more customers.

On-Demand Medical Service

6 Strategies to Build an Effective On-demand Medical Services App

If you want your Gojek Clone on-demand app with medical service to uniquely position in the market, there is no way you can forget to strategize the integration of the top 6 features. The following are the on-demand features you need to design and strategize well!

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An Easy Interface

The on-demand app should be easy to use. It must consist of a user-friendly design and seamless navigation. From the time the user downloads the app, they should be able to:

  • Easily search for the services
  • Choose a service provider of their choice
  • Book or schedule a service
  • Manage payments

Secured local payment gateways

The entrepreneur launching the on-demand app must be careful about one thing during the app development – integrating secured top payment gateways. Apart from the integration of payment gateways, the entrepreneur needs to ensure that this component showcases security and variety.

  • The local payment gateways ensure that every transaction happening on the app is protected against a breach. By integrating payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and so on, you can ensure that the payment gateway company takes responsibility for user data protection. Thus, security is maintained!
  • People like to choose a preferred payment method depending on their requirements. Thus, you must provide a variety of payment options on the app such as cash, credit cards, in-app wallets, etc.

Live tracking on the app

A Gojek Clone app offering on-demand medical services must integrate live tracking features so that customers can keep a tab on the live location of the driver. The live location feature comes in handy when customers track the live location of the booked ambulance, the position of the driver delivering the medicines, etc.


In-app communication

Enables the customers to communicate with providers easily. The in-app communication methods like voice calling, instant messaging, and video calling, are secured by VOIP-based masking.

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Here, the customers or providers cannot see the personal phone number of the user. Thus, with the utmost security, both parties can communicate with each other.

In conclusion:

Are you ready to invest in an on-demand app solution with pre-integrated medical services? Well, it is time you get the Gojek Clone app. Connect with the white-labeling experts and ask them about the Gojek Clone price!

Find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

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