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Grocery App Development: All You Should Know

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Grocery apps like Instacart, Blinkit, Shipt, Gorillas, and FreshDirect generally allow users to order anything related to their daily use grocery stuff, whether it can be milk, tea, food, vegetables, fruits, flour, pulses, and more without losing their home comfort.

But if you are planning to transfer your grocery store shop into the grocery app then you should know all the pros and cons. 

In this blog, we discuss only the key factors of grocery apps, we should know before starting work with a grocery delivery app solution.

Why do we need the grocery app?

Well, we all know the grocery app business is at boom but before digging, let’s see the necessity of a grocery app.

Suppose you come home after spending the whole day in your business or office, and come to know that your necessary things are out of stock and you have to go to the market to purchase them & we all understand the condition of your mind.

But thanks to grocery apps, understanding the problem of the common man & is a boon for those who really do not have sufficient time to purchase grocery items. Using grocery services.

You can order your favorite item from your favorite store, and the desired thing will appear at your doorstep within a couple of hours.

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Market Stats of grocery app

According to the institute of business management & research, the market of grocery apps is growing at a rapid pace.  In 2020 it was around $3.1 billion, but now in 2023, it is around $6.9 billion. 

This means it is increasing continuously at a rate of 4.8%. Millions of users use the grocery app daily to order useful things.

So if you are planning to develop a grocery delivery app for your business then it is the right time to invest in grocery app services.

What will be the development cost of an on-demand grocery delivery app?

The development cost of a grocery app depends on various factors like the developers’ team size,  creation time, location, features, and complexity of the app so explaining the exact figure of development cost is quite difficult but don’t worry here we give you a basic idea. To make it clear the development cost we divided it into the 3 parts. Let’s discuss them below.

  1. Small Size App 

A grocery app developed with basic features then it will take around 120-150 hours & development costs come to around $5-10k.

  1. Medium Size App

Generally, we develop a grocery app with medium size or some advanced features which takes around 220-260 hours, and the development costs around $10-17k.

  1. Big Size APP

If you want to capture a large number of users then you need a big size app with excellent advanced features that will take around 300-350 hours and the development cost comes to around $20-25k.

Cost calculation we did on the basis of the Indian developer, development charge generally they charge $ 10-80 per hour. But again we are repeating this is only the basic development cost, not the exact cost that varies when we add features to it.

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Steps of the development process of a grocery delivery app

In this section, we will discuss the development process of a grocery delivery apps

Step1 Proper Planning, a Market Overview, and Investment Source

Before giving the head in the business of a grocery app development then you need to understand the market and its policies as well as do proper research, and ask the users what thing they want to add as a feature in a grocery app. Also, check how much you need to create an app with all essential features. Your success depends on your research work and feedback. Also, try to provide the proper solution to every problem which is generally faced by users.

Step2 Create the User Interface and Explain List of Features

Make the app full of functions and all functions should be user-friendly so that anyone can use it without hassle like a simple search option, proper navigation, push notifications, and multiple payment options. Try to make it as easy as possible. It will increase users on your site and increase the number of happy customers.

Step3 Make an excellent team

Basically, there are two options to create a quality team for your grocery app development: first, hire in-house team members if you have experienced developers. Second, hire a mobile app development company that has superb developers on their team & experienced a lot in the development field. It is not an easy task to hire anyone for your dream project so just do proper and deep research before making anyone your business partner.

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Step4 Testing, Maintenance, and Deployment

Once the development process of the grocery delivery app is completed after that we do testing and check whether this is error-free or not, we also check whether it is working smoothly as we expected or not. After testing the time comes for their deployment so check or decide your target audience according to them and deploy it on the google play store or apple store.

Step5 Promotion and Marketing

In the competitive world if you want to keep ahead of your grocery business then you need to do promotion and marketing, without marketing there is no use in investing thousands of dollars in their development.

So do promotion and marketing to get better results with your newly developed grocery app.

Closing words:

In this blog, we discussed all the essential factors of a grocery app like why we need a grocery app, market stats, development cost, and steps in the development process.

As we all know, creating a mobile app whether it is iOS or Android is not an easy task and also consumes a huge amount of money as well as time.

So whenever you decide to develop a grocery app for your business, take advice or discuss with developers whether there is any scope to invest time and money in it. You can create a poll to know the scope of your idea or not and also conduct a survey it will give you an idea if this is a worthwhile plan or not.

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