Guide to Rent Hotel Space for Wedding Event

Have you set the final date of your wedding? If your big dream day is just one and a half months away, you might have lots of tasks to complete. All the family, relatives and friends are excited to be part of this new journey. As a host, you always wanted to make your wedding perfect! Every wedding has intangible moments; to succeed, you need to put in your best efforts. So, if your wedding is just a few months away, it’s the right time to filter the best hotels near Hyderabad airport. Choosing a venue is the most crucial thing during the wedding, and this article is all about this.

Book the wedding venue in your wedding budget

The biggest task you should perform before the wedding is choosing the perfect wedding hotel near Hyderabad airport. Make a wise choice if you want to impress every guest who comes to join you. Booking a hotel as soon as possible is recommended, but before that, you should be strategic about certain things. Booking a wedding hall at a significant cost is the most tedious task, but you can make the process easy when you follow this complete guide. 

What are the factors which affect the booking cost?

Have you done with your wedding budget? If you have already settled your budget but are unsure how many portions you should invest in a wedding hall. There are lots of tasks like wedding photographer fees, transportation, fooding and jewellery for which you have to decide a portion of the amount. So, to give a clear view of the restaurant space for rent budget, here we share some strong factors.

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Wedding date

The wedding date or month impacts the wedding venue price. If you are going to marry in the peak season, then the rental fee and charging are a little higher as compared to the normal days.

The number of people you are inviting

While choosing a wedding venue, you should have an approximate idea of how many guests are coming to join you. The rental charge for the wedding venue depends upon the space capacity. In some wedding venues, you pay the charges for food also based on the price. So, when you know the number of guests, you can evaluate the total budget.

Extra services

Are you only using the wedding hall/banquet hall? Do you also want to pay for additional services like wedding cuisine and DJ services? So, the entire wedding cost can be evaluated by the services you select. It is recommended to select only the areas and services you need.

Accommodation cost

Most couples also book rooms for their guests. If you also want to hire resorts and wedding halls with rooms for guests, you could end up with a higher cost.

Location matters

If you choose your wedding location in a high-traffic area, the rental fee will be higher. Apart from that, when you choose a coastal wedding venue or any destination wedding venue, it will cost more to you.

Decide the theme

Those days are gone when you decorate wedding venues just only with colourful papers and flowers. Now couples have dreams for traditional and royal wedding themes. Now people give more attention to the outdoor wedding venues, ambience and style of the wedding hall than the taste of the food. Depending on the theme you want, the booking cost of the wedding venue increases.

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Tax & service charges

To be aware of the total venue cost, you should look out for the additional tax and service cost. Ask your wedding hall manager whether they are paying the fee for storage facilities or if you have to pay that from your side. Conduct a meeting with your wedding consultant and clear all your doubts!

So, overall the cost of hotels near Hyderabad airport depends upon you. It depends upon which services you want and what additional services you need. When booking a wedding venue, several elements can minimise and maximise the amount you have decided. Before you finalise the space and pay an amount to the venue manager, you should ask a few questions to yourself to cut down on the additional expenditure. By using this helping guide, you can complete your wedding successfully within a standard budget!


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