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Gums Lightening Services

Gums Lightening Services
Gums Lightening Services

Gums Lightening Services is how dentists would try to remove gum pigmentation in the past — the keyword there being tried. Using painful lasers, dentists would literally burn away an entire layer of the gum tissue in the hopes of getting rid of the melanocytes (which produce pigment-causing melanin). This expensive treatment only worked a fraction of the time and the recovery time was lengthy.

Gums Lightening Services takes a more holistic approach to remove unwanted pigmentation from the surface of your gums. We start with a detailed analysis of your overall health, including blood pressure and stress levels. Then we’ll create a custom treatment plan that addresses your goals while minimizing long-term side effects. We know it can be scary to go under the knife, but in our experience, patients see better results and have fewer complications compared to traditional methods.


Gum or teeth whitening services can take a long time to see results. We offer a faster and more affordable alternative to this process. Our treatment utilizes lasers that are safe and effective, without the major risks of traditional gum bleaching. With our help, you will see visible improvement in just weeks!

We offer gum bleaching services that are safe and effective. Our advanced technology creates a microscopic heat wave in the gum to destroy your melanocytes, reduce the appearance of plaque and kill bacteria for a healthier smile.”

At our Gums Lightening Services, we will gently use lasers to concentrate on areas with yellowing skin caused by gum color instead of skin bleaching. This will make your teeth more white, making you look younger. The best part is that the treatment time is usually only one hour!

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Our Gum Bleaching services can help you get rid of unwanted orange pigmentation on your gums and teeth. The process is not painful and in many cases, the results last for decades without fail. Once you see the transformation footage, you’ll understand why we are the only clinic offering this accessible treatment option.

Our Gum Bleaching offers the most effective technology on the market today. Our patented systems are easy to use and offer a safe, precise, and permanent solution to treat your gum pigmentation.

Our Gum Bleaching Procedures are a safe, effective non-surgical alternative to painful, expensive laser treatments. By using safe and effective LED lights we can permanently whiten your gums without tearing the skin or causing scarring.

At Gums Lightening Services, we have transitioned to a more gentle and effective approach to removing gum pigmentation. We use a laser-like procedure we have developed in-house that does not burn away any tissue, but instead removes small areas of pigment allowing for natural-looking results. By targeting the melanin-producing cells beneath the surface of your gums, this treatment allows for long-lasting whitening results with no downtime or discomfort.

Our gums bleaching service is a far more gentle way to remove pigmentation, while also revitalizing your teeth and gums. We use the latest, non-invasive technology to remove the melanocytes — leaving you with a fresh, crystal-clear smile!

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If we can get rid of the melanocytes, then the pigments those cells produce cannot form anymore. This makes it possible to keep your teeth white and bright for a lifetime without repeated bleaching treatments.”

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You probably spend a lot of time worrying about your teeth. But what you don’t realize is that they’re not just part of your basic smile — they’re important indicators of how healthy you are overall. And while there are numerous oral health indicators, many people don’t realize that basic gum health can also be an important marker of overall health.

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