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Halal Restaurants And Cafes In Perth, Australia

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We all know that enjoying mouth-watering food is an essential part when traveling or living in a country. We are constantly searching for places with mouthwatering food and coffee, along with an atmosphere that is oh-so-calm. However, if you are a Muslim vacationer or resident following a halal diet, discovering halal restaurants can be difficult.

Australia is one of the wonderful multicultural countries where you can savor a variety of ethnic cuisines. Fortunately, in Perth, Australia, you can easily find halal food; in fact, you can find an extensive range of cuisine here, be it fusion or traditional.

5 Halal Restaurants And Cafes In Perth

To aid you in planning your holiday or finding a dining place as a resident, we have crafted a list of top halal restaurants in Perth where you can find partially or fully Muslim-friendly halal menus.

With a full, happy tummy, you can then go on a great escapade in one of the world’s most exciting and liveliest cities. Below is the list;

  • Chee Tayeb

Chee Tayeb is one of the best halal restaurants in Perth. It is a family-owned eatery that serves authentic contemporary Lebanese cuisine. 

Situated on Murray Street right in the middle of Perth city, this cozy restaurant also has a wonderful ambiance true to Lebanese culture.

With affordable prices and generous portions, you don’t have to be apprehensive about burdening your pocket.

You can enjoy Lebanese-style pizzas, juicy shawarma platters, and hummus in this eatery. You can also enjoy a cuppa of Lebanese coffee during the daytime. End the meal with their authentic Lebanese dessert, “kanafeh.”

  • New Sahara Middle Eastern Cuisine
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Do you want to eat something less heavy and fancy yet equally delicious? Then, New Sahara Middle Eastern Cuisine is the perfect restaurant for you.

This authentic Lebanese restaurant positioned in Perth’s heart is one of its most notorious halal restaurants. It serves a menu of unique oriental dishes, like mandi, falafel, grills, tagine, and delectable Mahashi.

Pick up some shish kebab, hummus, or shawarma, and you are ready for the day. This restaurant serves halal food and is owned by Muslims.

  • PappaRich

If you miss a taste of home, you must visit PappaRich. It is one of the famous halal restaurants in Perth that offers authentic, luscious Malaysian cuisine.

With a minimum of 70 outlets around the globe, the brand is already tantamount to bringing the finest local cuisine with a nice ambiance—ideal for a cozy gathering with your friends and family after a day of sightseeing in the city.

Their menu stars include fried kuey teow, biriyani dumplings, roti, satay, laksa curry, nasi lemak, and mee goring.

  • Insan’s Café

If you love spicy and richly flavored halal food, then Insan’s Café is the place to go. This halal restaurant in Perth is located in the central business district of Perth and offers authentic Malay cuisine and halal food.

Their Malay food is made with coconut milk, spices, and sambal, a chili paste created with garlic, onions, and belacan (fermented prawn paste).

Select from their stir-fried options like nasi goreng of fried rice with seafood, deep-fried options like spring rolls packed with seasonal veggies, or aromatic soup dishes like flavorsome oxtail soup. Rice is essential here, and you can also try roti and noodles.

  • Corica Pastries
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If you are craving pastries, cake, or apple strudel, you will be glad to know that Perth has a renowned halal apple strudel eatery.

It is extremely popular that consumers call ahead of time to book their delicious strudels, custom-made cakes, and pastries as they sell off very quickly.

Visualize indulging in exquisitely baked ricotta cheesecake with a dash of lemon zest. We are certain that you will purchase back some to bring home.


The capital city of Western Australia offers a wide variety of dining options, from hip and laid-back cafes to chic restaurants to cozy eateries serving simple and hot food that melts your heart. Also, numerous halal restaurant options are available in the easy-going and fun-filled capital city of Western Australia. As you explore it, take time to appreciate halal foods and local cuisine.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to vegetarian options only in Perth. You will relish eating in Perth from scrumptious seafood, pastries, soups, pizzas, and hummus.