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Harry Styles does Pilates, so now we all Pilates

Although Harry Styles is notorious for trying

Whatever to gain attention, the former member of One Direction has concluded at least one of those things isn’t worthwhile. On Monday, Harry, was spotted in Perth, Australia, swigging from his own Adidas x Gucci sneaker while performing on stage. According to Page Six, he declared that this was one of the most repulsive customs he had ever heard of.

He said, “I feel like a different person. “I’m embarrassed of myself. Harry was sporting a yellow t-shirt with a rhinestone drink and a straw embroidered on the front, which may have been suitable given his attire. He grasped the shoe with his right hand while holding the microphone in his left hand. He then let some booze drip into his mouth for dramatic effect. After shaking the sneaker to remove the final drops, he set it down looking at least a little disgusted. Harry Styles Merch

Harry also gave the audience a hint as to

what he would be doing after the concert. Harry and actress and director Olivia Wilde, split up in after dating for two years. I’ll be having a lengthy conversation about this with my therapist,” he joked. “Long enough.” Every moment of the stunt seemed to be enjoyed by his supporters. Twitter clips revealed a variety of responses to Harry’s “Shoe,” as well.

“How many people want to be that shoe?” quipped a fan via Pop Base’s Twitter clip. “Me next because I want to drink off of Harry’s sneaker,” wrote another. Some among the fans offered their opinions to those who weren’t impressed. Let me just remind you guys that he beat out Adele and Beyoncé for Album Of The Year at the Grammys this year,” said a follower.

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Harry Styles’ Fans Are Going All Out

On Monday, in Perth, Australia, Harry Styles will be seen drinking from a shoe. Back grid
On , Harry received the coveted prize for Harry’s Home. He took the award with humility, saying, “This doesn’t happen to people like me very often. “Thank you, this is really nice.” Harry Styles Hoodie

The tour has become recognized for a Styles-sequel approach to dressing, defined by a desire to dress for joy, with a hint of ’70s flair and a little Western influence
And supporters have done the same. As the Love on Tour gets underway, concertgoers are using social media to document the laborious planning they went through to create their ensembles. And the outcomes are quite striking.