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Engagements usually come once in a lifetime, at least everyone hopes to be so. So, investing in your engagement ring is worth the money. Not just expensive, your engagement ring needs to look beautiful as well so that it attracts everyone’s eyes. If you are a person who prefers unique engagement rings then you can try a hidden halo engagement ring or a trilogy engagement ring. Both of them are very unique. Here are some differences for you to decide among them. 

Hidden Halo ring

Hidden halo rings are solitaire rings with a halo of diamonds below the surface of the diamonds or other gemstone. These rings look stunning and unique as the halo isn’t visible from the surface. Hidden halo rings don’t necessarily have to be made with a single diamond. Pave-style bands which have melee diamond studded on either side of the diamond are preferred by many brides to be. The melee diamonds on both sides of the bands compliment the large diamond beautifully. If you are a person who wants the simplest but classy style then this style of ring is your ideal choice. 

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Trilogy engagement ring

Trilogy engagement rings are not just the ring. Traditionally the three stones of the trilogy ring symbolized the past present and future of the couple together. Although there’s no strict rule that you have to mean the three diamonds according to the tradition. you can also symbolize your trilogy ring as per your priority like respect, trust, and love. A trilogy ring looks incredibly gorgeous when worn on the finger. It’s quite different from the traditional rings. If you want your engagement ring to be attached with sentiments then you should go for a trilogy ring SEO backlinks plan.

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The design of a trilogy engagement ring is a way different from a hidden halo ring. A trilogy engagement ring is studded with three diamonds or gemstones on its metal band. The word trilogy itself comes from the word tri which means three. Three diamonds or other gemstones are set in a ring making it a trilogy ring. Hidden halo rings are solitaire rings that are studded with a single stone. The design of a hidden halo ring is unique. The halo on the diamond is not visible from the surface of the ring, but when you see it from the side you get to see the halo made of melee diamonds just under the diamond surfaces surrounded by the four prongs. In some hidden halo rings, the halo can also be seen on the joint where the prongs and the metal band meet.


When it comes to cleaning, the trilogy engagement rings win the game. Trilogy rings, whether they are prongs or bezel settings, are much easier to clean than hidden halo rings. The setting of the hidden halo rings is usually prong settings, but the halo of the melee diamonds becomes the hindrance while cleaning it with a cotton cloth or cotton. Whereas the trilogy rings, irrespective of the type of setting can be cleaned easily with a soft piece of cloth.


In the hidden halo rings, there isn’t any option for customization as the ring is created by using a single stone. Trilogy rings can be customized by using more than one stone. For instance, if you want, you can ask your jeweler to set a diamond as a center stone and two sapphires on both sides of the stone. You can also use different colored gemstones on a trilogy engagement ring.
These were the few differences between a hidden halo ring and a trilogy ring. Whichever type of ring you decide to choose, always select the ring that goes well with your partner’s style and taste. After all, they are the ones, who are going to wear the ring. Hatton Garden Jewellers brings you a huge collection of bespoke engagement rings which you can explore in store or online. 

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