Hollow Mats Vs Waterhog Mats; Which One To Go For?

Hollow Mats Vs Waterhog Mats; Which One To Go For?

Hollow Mats Vs Waterhog Mats
Hollow Mats Vs Waterhog Mats
Hollow Mats Vs Waterhog Mats

If you’re torn between deciding whether to opt for a hollow or Waterhog mat for your home, then you’ve come exactly to the right place. Because we’re going to assist you in helping decide on the right option among these two. 

Before any further explanation, you should have a crystal-clear understanding of why you should be investing in either a hollow or Waterhog floor matting. And, the simplest answer to this basic question is the number of benefits offered by these flooring accessories, especially regarding the functionality aspect.

In this article by Mats Dubai, we’ll be comparing both these types of flooring accessories on the basis of different floor matting criteria like design, style, versatility, affordability, and the extent of functional benefits offered by both when used as bath mats Dubai.

A Comprehensively Differentiating Guide For Choosing The Best Between Hollow & Waterhog Matting

One can’t argue over the fact that a comparative analysis is the best way to make an ideal choice of any interior or exterior home product namely flooring, upholstery fabric, matting, etc. In today’s guide, we’re going to collate the strengths and weaknesses of both these types of floor mats in terms of different usage requirements.

So, stay with us to get the answer of what’s best between hollow and Waterhog floor mats.

1. The Difference In The Material Composition Of Both Options

Hollow mats are made up of rubber material and therefore, can easily stand the test of time without losing their form or shape. However, the quality and type of rubber material can vary depending on different factors like usage, budget requirements, etc.

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Because you’ll find mats made from natural and recycled rubber materials available in different quality options. Generally, all hollow mats turn out to be extremely durable and hard-wearing. 

On the other hand, Waterhog floor mats comprise thermostatic polymers, polyethylene, and polypropylene as their material composition. Therefore, these mats will also be highly durable and hard-wearing just like hollow mats and can also be used as bath mats.

For backing material, you’ll be surprised to know that both these types of floor entrance mats comprise rubber backing. This is necessary because there is no better alternative to rubber material that can offer anti-slip properties to floor mats. And, this slip-resistance feature is the most integral aspect of all floor mats.

2. The Functional Variability Between Hollow & Waterhog Mats

Irrespective of the mat placement (home interior or entrance), the primary reason for the purchase of a mat is to enjoy the different functional benefits offered by this flooring accessory. When we talk about hollow or Waterhog mats, there is a huge difference in the functional benefits offered by both of them.

Hollow mats are usually placed in spill-prone and wet environments like garages, large kitchens, corridors, and lifts so as to allow drainage of water and other fluids like oil, grease, etc.

For Waterhog mats, you would have guessed from the name that these mats are used to trap or store water because of a water-containing reservoir border. Besides, these mats placed in the home entrance can also trap dust, dirt, and moisture to prevent the entrance of these particles into the interior.

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3. The Variation In Design & Style Of Both Mat Choices

The next thing is to look at the design and style considerations for both these floor matting options. Just as the name suggests for hollow matting, this flooring accessory comprises a set of small and large holes in its design for the intended functioning.

No need to mention that you’ll have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of options for hollow floor mats. Speaking of versatility, there are many different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs available for this matting option.

And just like that, the same range of choice options can be applied to Waterhog mats with the additional inclusion of prints, patterns, and logos in these choices, thus making Waterhog mats versatile as well.

But, when we speak of the design aspect, these mats are designed just like a soft flooring accessory i.e. rug or a carpet. Because the Waterhog mat’s surface comprises small fiber-like soft bristles and the borders are slightly raised so as to contain water efficiently and effectively within the mat’s border.

4. Don’t Forget The Pricing Factor

The cost of both these mats is greatly influenced by the choice of different mat elements namely design, dimension, quality, etc. Therefore, one can’t exactly tell whether a Waterhog mat will be expensive or cheap in comparison to hollow matting.

However, if we compare the costs of premium quality hollow and Waterhog matting comprising the same dimensions, then hollow matting may prove to be a little less expensive. No need to mention that one should not compromise the quality factor when making a purchase of any of these options so as to enjoy a long-term, better investment for the upcoming years.

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To sum up the discussion, we can say that the choice of an ideal option between both these types of flooring mats depends upon your requirements. Therefore, if you require a flooring mat that can allow drainage of water and other fluids, then hollow matting will suit this interest of yours.

On the other hand, Waterhog mats comprise a non-slip backing and function to contain water besides trapping dust, dirt, and debris and therefore, become an overall good choice for a flooring mat. Based on this functionality difference, the material composition, design, and style also vary greatly for both of these flooring mats, so it’s best to stick to the one which works the best for your requirements.

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