Hookah Dos And Don'ts For The Ultimate Smoking Experience

Hookah Dos and Don’ts for the Ultimate Dense Smoking Experience

Hookah Smoking

Hookahs produce particularly dense clouds of smoke, which is considered to be one of the most appealing parts of experience. A pleasant jolt and sense of accomplishment comes with smoking those thick clouds of smoke. However, many hookah enthusiasts are yet to learn how to get that nice, dense smoke.

Here are a few pointers to help you inhale a more substantial cloud of smoke with each draw.

Ways to Achieve Dense Hookah Clouds 

If you’ve just purchased a new shisha label and are eager to try it out, you should read through our product pages for the standard review and description. We’ll cover the basics of making shisha tobacco here.

Utilizing the Fluff Method

You can use this method to prepare your shisha just like everyone else, and it pairs wonderfully with popular brands. We employ this method when trying out new labels and altering them to suit our preferred tobacco brand. Al Fakher is a shisha online Dubai service that offers flavors that work wonderfully here, too. Numerous Shisha catering services offer great tobacco for a nice hookah session. 

If you want to use the Fluff method, you’ll have to pack your bowl to the rim but let your shisha fall into the hookah in a dusting motion. Your shisha will retain heat more effectively due to its fluffy appearance, allowing you to produce nice clouds quickly.

The Dense Methodology

The dense method is the most reliable option for smoking Tangier shisha, and it is also helpful in smoking Starbuzz Vintage and Al Fakher mint. Tobacco crushing and packing is an art form, the primary technique of which lies in the amount of pressure used in practice. You should realize this if this is your first time doing either.

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You can use a Shisha Fork or your super strong hands to get a dense preparation. Any bowl with holes on the bottom, like an Egyptian bowl, will restrict airflow through the tobacco, so you should keep a funnel-shaped bowl on hand.

Overuse of a Certain Method

The overpack will be accurate for labels that approve a lot of flames. Al-Waha is the most widely available and recommended brand of Over Technique. The process is very similar to the one described above, except that more dragging is required.

Do’s for Smoking Thick Hookah 

Let’s dive into the formula for authentic Fumari cloud formation! When we are preparing for a session, we always go through this checklist:

Always make sure you’re using High-quality Supplies

Even while it’s hard to put a number on it, a higher-grade hookah will likely produce thicker smoke and a more intense flavor. You should only ever smoke out of a high-quality clay bowl and hookah. If you use a porcelain hookah bowl that is too small, you will get a burnt flavor and barely any clouds. The price of your hookah pipe is directly proportional to the quality of your Smoke. Get in touch with Shisha catering Dubai experts at ShishaArt to get all the necessary supplies. 

Check if all the Equipment are Intact 

Resetting your hookah is similar to resetting your router if your internet connection suddenly stops working. Your hookah has four points of attachment:

  1. The base-to-pipe connection
  2. The hose-to-hose port
  3. The purge
  4. The bowl connection

It is easy to check for air leaks in your seals while in the middle of a smoke session. First, clear the smoke from your hose by blowing into it, and keep an eye on the seals to ensure none of the smoke escapes. Then, make your trip to the cloud a breeze by checking to see that every one of these connections has a snug-fitting grommet and is sealed with the appropriate hardware.

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Ensure that the Packing is Foolproof

The first two items on your checklist have to do with fixing the parts, but now it’s up to your hookah techniques to make the Smoke denser. With the appropriate pressure and packing, your hookah tobacco may produce smoke thicker than a bowl of porridge. Please refer to the above page if you are still determining the ideal packing density for your preferred tobacco.

Take Control of the Temperature

Heat control is the main critical element if you don’t get the clouds as desired, despite having high-quality hookah, secure connections, and suitably packed hookah tobacco, yet no clouds. We recommend using high-quality coconut charcoal since it generates the heat required to produce dense smoke and, with the aid of a Heat Management Device (or HMD), you shouldn’t have to worry about this process anymore. If you’re using hookah foil, try a wind cover or a little extra coconut charcoal to get your bowl hot. Before adding more charcoal to the foil, move the existing pieces to the outer edge of the bowl to prevent them from igniting the surrounding foil.

Don’ts for Smoking Thick Hookah 

Now that you know how to take your hookah clouds to the next level, we’ll dispel some of the myths you may have heard about cloud creation.

If your bowl is producing massive clouds, it’s on fire

This is a common misconception that we need to debunk. Thick smoke results from a scientific process involving several factors that have nothing to do with how much tobacco you burn in your hookah.

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Milk does not make the Smoke thicker

Milk can surely add some resistance to your inhale, giving you the impression of epic cloudage, but it makes cleanup more complex, and after an hour or more of session time, it can even begin to grow mold. The hookah is no place for milk, even if it is good for your bones. 

Incorporating Ice into your Foundation will Increase Cloud Cover

Mr. Freeze, calm down. A session cut short and taste potentially lost, ice in the base may be refreshing on a hot summer day, but in practice, it dulls your flavor and can hide the flavor you get while burning your tobacco. 

Try adding additional glycerin to your bowl or Use dry Hookah Tobacco

Hookah tobacco doesn’t need to be reconstituted before use. You can entirely change your session’s flavor by increasing the glycerin you use. If you dry out your hookah tobacco, you lose the flavor and resistance to heat that distinguishes hookah tobacco. 

Now that you’re armed with the right knowledge about producing that dense cloud of smoke through hookah smoking, your next session is bound to be all the more enjoyable and exciting! Wait no more, head to your nearest shisha lounge today and put these tips into action!