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How Ameet Parekh Help To create a Predictable Growth in Your Business?

How Ameet Parekh Help To create a Predictable Growth in Your Business
How Ameet Parekh Help To create a Predictable Growth in Your Business

Today, most MSMEs struggle to achieve predictable growth. Businesses rely more on word of mouth but according to the extremely talented business success coach, Ameet Parekh, businesses should instead take consistent actions if they are serious about achieving predictable growth. Here, we’ll explore the 3 core activities that the leading coach advises to all business owners.

Activity – 1


According to Ameet Parekh Reviews, to solve major growth problems in an organization, business owners must need to understand the role of marketing. In micro or medium size businesses, most entrepreneurs take marketing as a non-existent department or activity. This is due to the lack of understanding of the role and importance of marketing in a business. To fundamentally correct this viewpoint, Ameet expresses marketing in very simple terms and explores it as an act of improving the visibility of products and services.

He further suggests the way how to market products or services. According to him, to effectively market your products or services, it is important to build up understanding around the following things:

  1. Entrepreneurs need to understand their customers and should need collect information on their demography, understanding who is a door opener, who is a decision maker, industry type, nature of business, designation etc.
  2. He further suggests psychography as the second aspect of understanding your customers. Psychography includes:
  3. Understanding the needs, desires and preferences of consumers.
  4. Understanding the problems a consumer is facing.
  5. Entrepreneurs should have an idea about where the customers are spending their time.
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When businesses successfully revealed explanations for these 3 events, they can create effective marketing strategies. Ameet Parekh says that it can help business owners to boost the visibility of their products and services.

Activity – 2


Ameet explores the major difference between marketing and advertising which most people failed to evaluate. After exploring the way to launch an effective marketing strategy, he steps further to explore advertising in detail. According to Ameet Parekh Reviews, advertising is a set of activities to promote products and services. He further explains advertising as an objective of generating instant returns on the investment. Through advertising, entrepreneurs are able to create a pipeline of prospects for their businesses. Ameet also explores some examples of advertising with the help of running ads on Google. These ads will help people to reach your products and services when they search online about them.

By running ads on YouTube, businesses can draw the attention of online users who search for a video related to their products or services. By running ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. business owners can generate desire among the audience about their products or services. Ads on marketplaces like Justdial, India mart, Flipkart, Amazon etc. can help people find useful products and services. Moreover, Ameet further suggests trying offline methods for advertising. These could be purchasing a company booth in a trade show or an exhibition or running ads on radio, television etc.

With consistent advertising efforts, businesses can create a pipeline of prospects and target audiences who are interested and ready to purchase. Ameet Parekh explores advertising as the basic agenda to promote products and services.

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Activity – 3


It is a big area of concern according to top Ameet Parekh Reviews. He further explores it with shocking figures of 99.99% and the figures indicate the percentage of micro medium size businesses that neglect the prospect of branding.

Ameet tells that most businesses are often stuck in managing sales and delivering products and services. They don’t focus on transforming the business into a brand. Now, he explains the importance of branding for predictable business growth and explores it as a set of activities to build the credibility of the business and to create awareness about products and services. Ameet Parekh suggests that it is important for every business to transform into a brand because by being a brand a business can better attract potential consumers. Now, he also explains to business owners how to do branding. He suggests a simple framework to gain credibility and become a brand for all types of businesses. Let’s have a look over it:

  1. Businesses should look for ways to get certified and recognized by a leading authority or organization in their industry.
  2. Getting featured across credible and prominent media publications.
  3. Focus on strategies to get rewarded or recognized by prominent organizations.
  4. Business owners can also look to collaborate or associate with people of influence in their industry.

According to Ameet Parekh Reviews, these powerful methods can be the most effective ways for businesses to gain credibility and authority in the market. Once business owners start using these tactics, they can successfully transform their businesses into brands and own the market as leaders.

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With these important fundamental activities, businesses can create predictable growth. To establish such growth, business owners need to focus on these activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With these core activities, businesses can successfully start figuring out the major challenges or problems to effectively market their products and services. They can effectively advertise their products and services and can find innovative ways to build credibility and become a brand. Ameet Parekh suggests that by doing this every day, every week, and every month, businesses can get complete control of predictable growth in less than a year.

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