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How Can I Store Kratom For Longer Use?

Traditional Kratom does not have a long life. Instead, It starts tarnishing pretty soon. Ideally, Kratom stays fresh within the three months frame of harvest action. The herb’s amount of traveling after harvest adds or deducts to the life. 

Since Kratom has been the health freak’s latest darling, increasing the product’s lifespan is a significant question among users. If you also fall under the same boat, then we’ve got your back, as this article will answer your questions about how I can store Kratom for a longer time! 

How to store Kratom Dos?

  • Ensure that your Kratom is dry:

A wet spoon can be the biggest disaster for your kratom stock. Moulding is the most common thing to destroy any product. So, the entire kratom badge will end up in the trash can. After all, Kratom is a pm, so ensure it does not get in contact with any moisture.

  • Get your kratom stock in an airtight jar:

The environmental influences and pollutants can also decrease the life of Kratom. Therefore, storing it in an airtight jar is advisable to keep it sealed.

  • Keep Kratom in an excellent place:

The primary rule of thumb is to keep Kratom in a constant, cold atmosphere. So, a fridge is an ideal option for storage in Kratom for a longer time. Also, please, put it back in the fridge after use, or else get ready to destroy the badge. 

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How can I store Kratom? Don’t:

  • Do not let your kratom breath:

Once harvest action is done, your Kratom does not need to breathe. This process will end up in oxidation and disaster for the entire badge. 

  • Do not let Kratom get in contact with the UV rays:

Some of you might be new to this information, but sunlight is the biggest enemy of your kratom stock. Shop for an omber or brown jar to avoid UV contact. Besides, please keep it in a place away from the sunlight, like for fridge. 

  • Do not opt for a damp environment:

I’m sure you have the highest quality, alright jar, but a humid climate wet ruins everything. Since the environment significantly influences the product’s shelf life, take care of these tiny tips. 

How can I store Kratom in the freezer? 

There has been a lot of speculation about storing Kratom in the freezer. Even though a freezer is a perfect choice for keeping kratom tea, but for kratom powder is an ongoing debate. Freezers are dark, airtight, and have zero humidity, but there are other attributes sufficient to ruin your product. 

We have given you a clear idea about the pros and cons, but one needs to find out if it will save or destroy your creation. Opt for a smaller fridge with a small badge of Kratom for the experiment. It will be directly under your eye and safe from other food smells. 


Finally, we suggest going with new purchases until situations like travel or regular grocery run issues. You can buy Kratom in Sacramento to make delicious meals out of it as well. However, ensure you keep all the above preventive measures to avoid mould and make the best of it!

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