How Do Local Search Rankings Work?

So, you’ve created a website and developed an advanced ecommerce component for your company. And while successful, when customers search for your business, it is not ranked as highly as you would like. Are there ways to move your company up to the top of the results page? Yes, there certainly are. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This component helps your company appear higher in the rankings when customers search for you. It might be keywords or key descriptions added to your web content to gain traction in the search results rankings.

There are also other techniques to help you appear at the top of local search rankings as well. These rankings incorporate the use of local SEO services which can be provided by MacRAE’S. We can help make your website gain traffic by insightful suggestions and web development techniques. Why not reach out to us today? We are ready to help you succeed.

Local Search Ranking

When searching for items on the web, and your geographic location is turned on, the results will be grouped differently. Try it sometime, when you are in a different location from where you live. Search for the best local pizzerias. There will be a local pack or what is called a 3-pack at the very top of the results page. These businesses will be displayed on the map to the right of the results. This 3-pack is only displayed when searching with the word local in the search. So, how to get your business in the 3-pack? Read on to find out.

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The Three Biggest Factors Impacting Local Search Ranking

There are a number of factors affecting your listing. These factors can be used to improve where you appear on the search rankings list.

The biggest impacting factors are listed below:

  • Geographic Distance
  • Business Prominence
  • Relevance


To be considered more relevant than another business in the same sector, your brand needs to be relevant to the keyword term someone is searching. How is this determined? Simple. The search string entered will match information listed in your business profile on Google.

It is easy to add different categories to your Google Business Profile. Your company can also add indicators through Google business categories to make your company more visible on the web. Businesses are allowed to add one primary category and nine other secondary categories to adequately describe their business.


This is a newly added search ranking feature on Google. This is the distance between the searcher’s geographic location and the business’s location. This distance is estimated and can determine whether the business will appear in the 3-pack at the top of the search results page or not. 


How well-known your business is in the local community can mean a lot. This information is gathered through publications, articles, links, and business directories and how often the name of your business appears. This can also raise or lower your local business ranking, depending upon how prominent your branding is.

Ways to Appear Higher in Local Searches

There are a number of ways to appear higher in local search results. The biggest are listed below:

  • Build Local Mention
  • Optimize Business Profile Listing on Google
  • Get Reviews on Review Sites
  • Monitor Business Reviews
  • Make Business Website Mobile-Friendly
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Make your web presence pop. Add photos and details to your Google Business Profile listing. Photos give credibility to your business. It makes you appear professional and serious about your company. To improve your local mention, have your business listed in Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, and Apple Maps. It will legitimize your business to the search engines and make them accessible to the ranking system. Having your business listed on Yelp and Glassdoor is also vital. 80% of customers trust online reviews. With numbers like those, it is important to be listed so your company can be reviewed. With over 70% of people use the Internet on their phones, it is critical your website be mobile-friendly.

Why is Local Search Ranking Important?

Why would a company want to invest in improving their SEO campaign to address local rankings? That is easy. According to Google, 46% of all searches are for local businesses. It is all about branding and getting the name of your company out there.

There are numerous reasons why local SEO services are important, but these are biggest benefits of a prominent local search ranking:

  • An Increase in Website Traffic
  • Improving Customer Relations
  • An Increase in Foot Traffic to Your Brick-and-Mortar Location
  • Stay One Step Ahead of Competitors
  • Increase Ease of Customers Finding Out About Your Company

Why would any company argue against any of the above listed benefits? It is important to consider them all and help your company appear higher in the local search rankings. If you are struggling with your company’s web presence and want to improve your spot on the search results page, reach out to us. We are MacRAE’S and we are your partner for success.

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In Conclusion

In the vast world of ecommerce wars, every company is fighting for every customer. It is increasingly important to leverage your company against other competitors. One way to do that is to improve your local search rankings. MacRAE’S is the perfect search engine optimization company. With technical expertise second to none, we can improve your search rankings and help your business continue growing. Contact MacRAE’S today. You will not regret it.

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