How do you use Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Vendor Central is invite-only.

In simpler words:

In Amazon Vendor Central, you supply your products to Amazon, and they further sell your products to the customers. In this case, you are not a part of the actual selling process. You work as a supplier and receive payment from Amazon each month on wholesale terms.

This entire process comes under Amazon Vendor Central, where you can keep an eye on purchase orders, obtain product information, and manage your Amazon account.

With the process being discussed, it seems like the most effortless process to make money on Amazon without facing any challenge to drive sales by yourself. But in reality, the process comes with many hassles – meager prices, supplementary costs, and a long list of terms and conditions.

You should know even in Amazon Vendor Central; you are responsible for listing your products and setting your product prices.

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