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How Does NDIS Fund Respite Care For The Carer?

What is NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is a disability program that helps people with any significant disability lead independent lives. This program is funded by the Australian government and is considered to be the best disability program in the country. It provides a wide range of support to the participants and their carers.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a short break given to the participants’ primary caregivers. Caring for someone every day can be a challenging task. Carers also have lives of their own, and they can easily get exhausted. NDIS, like many other support programs, provides respite care for primary caregivers. However, you cannot find this support with the name of respite care in your NDIS plan.

Short-Term Accommodation

NDIS funds housing support called short-term accommodation. This support allows the participants to live in a different house for up to 14 days. When caregivers go on a break, participants are shifted to a different place for some time as they still need regular support. Some caregivers shift their loved ones to nursing homes, but some participants prefer to stay alone. In this case, short-term accommodation is the best option.

While the caregiver goes on a holiday, the participant can easily live at a nice place and have NDIS carers visit and assist them in their routine tasks. This not only helps the caregivers take some time off, but it also is a great break for the participant. Living in a new community allows them to meet new people, and moving out of their usual home can make them a little more independent. This proves to be a great step towards achieving their goals.

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Importance of Respite Care

Many caregivers refuse to take respite care as they don’t want to leave their loved ones alone. The feeling is understandable; however, it is essential to accept that you are also a human and need breaks to stay healthy and sane. Following are some benefits of respite care that might convince you to take time off your regular responsibilities.

Peace of Mind

While you care for your loved ones, there must be a lot of things on your mind, and you must stress out a lot. No one is stopping you from doing that, but giving your mind a break is also important. Take respite care and go to a place that keeps your mind at peace. You don’t have to travel a lot but make sure whatever you do; your mind is at peace with it.


Caring for someone is a noble job, but it can be exhausting at the same time. You’re a human, and you also need to recharge yourself to put yourself through hardships. If you keep working without taking short breaks, you will burn out one day, and your loved ones will also notice. It is better to take time off whenever you can so you can recharge yourself and come back better.


Everyone needs to socialise. NDIS also funds support that enables participants to socialise and meet new people, but it is just as important for you. While you take respite care, meet your friends, family, and anyone you can think of. It can freshen up your mind, and you will feel energised by just talking to other people without stressing out about anything.

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It can be difficult to leave your loved one alone for some time, but it is best for both of you. The participant gets to be independent while still receiving the necessary support from NDIS, and you get to enjoy some time alone.

If you want to take respite care, you can have short-term accommodation in your loved one’s plan and trust the NDIS carers to take care of them. EnableU has experienced and qualified carers to provide the right amount of support to the participants so you can be at ease and enjoy your holidays.