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How is an EV charging point beneficial for your business?

EV charging point

Those at retail companies and tourism sites can assist the growing number of EVs. Now, learn how an electric car charger installations can help you to grow your business.

7 reasons for installing an EV charging point for your business

Electric vehicles are new generation cars and of course, people are going towards them. There are many reasons for choosing EVs (passenger or commercial vehicles). Those are; You can save hundreds of pounds every month since charging the vehicle is very cheap, environment-friendly, lower maintenance than petrol or diesel cars, etc. Do you know there are more than 600,000 electric cars currently running on UK roads? And of course, plug-in hybrids are going to run soon.

Electric vehicle adoption is accelerating, which reinforces the necessity for a reliable EV charging network. As a top-notch manufacturer of EVs charger, spreading awareness of the numerous advantages of EV charging stations is a must. By acknowledging the advantages of EV charging stations for your business as well as the environment, property owners, especially those at retail companies and tourism sites, can assist the growing number of EVs on the road. Now, you will know how an Electric car charger installation can help you to grow your business.

Advantages of having an EV charging point

Adding value to your business can help you to grow your business. Ev charging is a true value for your business. You will lose refunds, credits, and the other economic advantages EV charging stations provide if you ignore charging point installation. In the UK, as you know petrol and diesel cars will be ban till 2040. This will only increase the demand for EVs, but the lack of adequate infrastructure for charging EVs in the UK is one of the biggest obstacles to market expansion. The UK’s current charging infrastructure is underdeveloped both in terms of size and geographic reach, and there are far too few public charging stations available throughout.

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The “Road to Zero” Strategy of the government seeks to build “one of the greatest EV infrastructure networks worldwide.” You might contribute to the UK’s EV infrastructure expansion and profit from the many advantages EV charging stations provide your company by installing one in your place of business.

EVs charging point attracts customer

Whether you have a restaurant, pub, or hotel or do any business, customers will attract to your business if you have an EV charger. EV drivers require charging stations and must wait while their batteries charge. Your company is the perfect spot for your target market, who tend to be wealthy, to stop by and hang out. Individuals are happier to spend money at a business the longer they stay there.

Creates a loyal consumer base

People will switch brands irrespective of the quality of a company’s goods or services. Instead, they will make their choice based on the ideals that the firm upholds. Visitors will perceive your business as ecological and socially conscious if they notice EV chargers on your site. More consumers who want to do repeat business will be present. You will see how a visitor becomes a regular customer.

Your business can easily compete with your competitors

Offer a feature that your rivals don’t. If your business offers an EV charging station for customers to plug in their automobiles, electric vehicle owners will choose your service over the competitors. Eventually, your rivals will appear to be less environmentally aware than your company.

The map will let you know the people that there is an EV station

Yes, when you install an EV charging point, you can show your station location with the assistance of Maps. The listing of public EV chargers on EV charging station maps (ChargeHub, PlugShare, etc) is a smart approach to draw customers to your establishment. No matter whether you have products to offer, an EV driver will still be able to identify your business, and perhaps even opt to use it. Many EV charger manufacturers also provide you with the opportunity to brand each EV station specifically with your corporate logo, which may help your business become even more visible.

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Boost the value of your property

Over half of the apartment tenants are either enthusiastic or unwilling to rent an apartment without green features. Property value can rise by 2 times in areas near electric car charging stations.

An additional income

The additional income will rely on how much EV charger you will install. For instance; if you buy 5 chargers and decide to make each charger in your EV charging system a community charging station, you might add a second source of revenue. and of course, you have the option to keep them free for your staff, clients, or renters while charging for refuelling for everyone else.

Improve the business’s reputation for innovation and sustainability.

This is an imperative and flawless marketing strategy for EV charging stations. The general public notices them as they drive by or stop at your place of business. People will see that you care about your society’s air quality and environmental damage levels, the development of the infrastructure for electric vehicles, and the advancement of your technology if you provide EV charging stations. You can install commercial EV chargers in your station to gain more customers.