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How Long Is The Tattoo Removal Session? All You Need To Know

Many adults regret having tattoos. Although tattoos are permanent, there have been many ways to get them removed. There were several options: dermabrasion and cryosurgery. A laser machine is safer and easier to remove tattoos. Lasers burn the pigments in tattoos and cover them or completely remove them.

What Is The Average Time To Get A Laser Tattoo Removed?

While tattoos can be removed quickly and easily, it is not always an easy task. We will estimate the time it will take to remove your tattoos after you have visited Still Waters Day & Medical Spa.

This is just an estimate. The actual time required to remove tattoos depends on many factors. Most people find that tattoos can be removed in 6-10 sessions.

Let’s take a look at some factors that could affect the time it takes to remove your tattoo.

Skin tone

PicoSure Tattoo removal is used to remove ink particles that have been embedded within the skin’s layers. To accomplish this, the laser must target ink particles, not the skin. This is done by the laser focusing on the colours of the tattoo. It is easier to do this when there is more contrast between the ink colour and the skin.

This means that tattoos can be easily removed if your skin is lighter. It is possible to remove tattoos from darker skin tones. However, this takes a little longer.

Tattoo Location

It also has an impact on how fast you can remove your tattoo. The tattoo will be more effective and quicker to remove if it is closer to your heart. The easiest areas to get rid of tattoos are those with high lymph node counts, such as the neck, chest, upper back, arms, and face. The tattoo will be easier to remove if it is lower on the body.

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Types of Ink

Tattoo artists often mix their inks to achieve the best pigment. There are many types of inks that can host different compounds. Certain compounds are more sensitive to laser removal than others. This can affect the speed at which tattoos are removed.


The speed and effectiveness of your laser removal will depend on how well you take care of your tattoo. Your skin is constantly being punctured when you get a tattoo. Scar tissue can form if you don’t take care of your tattoo. Scar tissue can make it more difficult to remove a tattoo and may cause it to take longer.

Age of tattoo

Tattoos can become progressively worse and more deeply embedded in the skin over time. It takes less time to remove an old, faded tattoo than it does to remove a newer one.

Ink depth

The ink is applied to different layers of the skin when you get a tattoo. Professional tattoos tend to have ink deposited deeper within the skin. This makes your tattoo stand out more, but it also means that it will take longer to remove than a stick and poke or any other amateur tattoo.

Tattoo Size

Your tattoo’s size is a major factor in the time it takes to get completely removed. The faster your tattoo will be removed, the bigger it is.

Ink Colour

It makes sense that ink of lighter colour would be easier to remove than the ink of darker hues. This is not true. Laser removal works best when there’s a clear contrast between the ink and the skin. Dark ink on lighter skin is easiest to remove. It is harder to get rid of light-coloured inks like yellows, greens, and blues. It was once nearly impossible to get rid of, but lasers have made it easier.

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Immune Health

Your body will remove all ink particles after each laser treatment. Your immune system uses Tobacco smoking

The effectiveness of tattoo removal is affected by smoking. Throughout ten sessions, smoking reduces your chances of successfully removing your tattoo. This number drops to 35% after 20 sessions. You must stop smoking if you want your tattoos to be removed quickly and successfully.

Sun Exposure

Laser treatment is not recommended for sunburn skin. It will also be harder to get rid of a tattoo if your skin has been sunburned. You should avoid the sun during and after any PicoSure Tattoo removal. You should cover the treatment area if you are unable to avoid the sun.


Tattoos can be a permanent, but common body decoration. There are many ways to get rid of a tattoo if you don’t want it anymore. There are many options for tattoo removal. They vary in cost, effectiveness, and recovery times. Understanding your options will help you decide the best option for you and your wallet.

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