How much do you know about the types of pharmaceutical equipment?

Pharmaceutical equipment contains several types of machines, this article will focus on automatic capsule filling machines, softgel filling machines, capsule polishing machines and manual capsule counters.

Automatic capsule filling machine

Automatic capsule filling machine is a fully automatic capsule-filling machine that is capable of filling 12k-450k capsules an hour. Its features include a touchscreen interface and PLC formula. Its circular design allows steps to be completed at the same time and is compatible with many different encapsulators.

Its design and robust construction provide long-term performance. It also eliminates contamination and facilitates easy cleaning after use. It is suitable for pharmaceutical and health-food industries. 

Automatic capsule-filling machine works in four stages. The first stage is the seeding of empty capsules into the filling bores. The second step involves the separating of the bodies and caps. After this step, the capsules are stacked into containers. Then, the machine moves downward to release them.

A capsule filling machine must be cleaned on a regular basis. After 500 hours of continuous use, the cleaning process should be repeated. Moreover, all mechanical parts must be lubricated. Cleaning should be done to keep the machine free of grease and dirt, which could cause damage to the machine’s technical parts.

Softgel capsule filling machine

Softgel capsule filling machine is a highly effective and versatile tool for manufacturing soft-gel capsules. Its speed is more than 5 rpm and its capacity is up to 42,000 capsules per hour. It is suitable for a range of industries, including the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. It has an Ethernet connection and a color touchscreen control system. Unlike conventional capsule filling machines, this soft-gel capsule filling machine can automatically process the gelatin and fill material and seal and discharge capsules. It can process various softgel materials and can be custom configured for different production capacities. A number of features are built-in to the machine, including a touch screen monitor that displays the filling process.

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The machine includes a melting tank for gelatin. It also includes a cooling drum and die roller system. The machine also has a control panel that regulates the machine’s parameters and motion. Once the gelatin has melted, the machine will move on to the fill material, which is a paste or oil.

Capsule polishing machine

A capsule polishing machine has small design allows for easy installation and adjustment. It can be used for the feeding, inspection, and polishing of all types of capsules. It helps in producing clean, bright, and sterile capsules that meet the pharmaceutical industry’s quality standards. Like, iPharMachine capsule filling machines are a quality capsule polishing machine that meets the requirements of pharmaceutical companies. 

Capule polishing machine is easy to use and can be integrated with capsule fillers and metal detectors. It has a 360-degree adjustable inlet and outlet, and it can handle difinlet and outlet, and it can handle different-sized and-shaped capsules. Its user interface helps in pushing the capsules into the different parts of the machine. It also has an overflow container for the unused capsules.

Capsule polisher has a unique feature: it can fit into any capsule filler chute. Moreover, it rejects low-weight capsules, fragmented capsules, and empty capsules. Another unique feature is its new-type net cylinder, which ensures no capsules get jammed or clogged. It also has a soft nylon rotary brush that gently removes dust from capsules. Its brushes are easily interchangeable and durable.

Another benefit of the capsule polisher is that it eliminates the risk of static electricity by dusting off the capsules. It also helps to eliminate loose particles and reduce the chances of capsules containing metal. These metals can be extremely harmful to users of pharmaceutical products, and so it is very important to avoid them. 

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Manual capsule counter

When it comes to counting pills and capsules, a manual capsule counter is the best choice for routine use. Its design allows it to be precise and fast. Furthermore, it is safe to use because it does not have human contact with the products. This type of counter is perfect as a backup solution in the event of an automatic pill counting machine malfunctioning.

Its compact design makes it ideal for small and medium scale pharmaceutical production. It is also suitable for research and laboratory purposes. Its easy operation makes it easy to operate and maintain. It also provides fast packaging speed. Its high accuracy makes it a great option for pharmaceutical manufacturers.


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