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How Much Does Liposuction Surgery Cost?

In Lahore, Pakistan, liposuction is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery treatments that can be performed. Liposuction is a procedure that removes unwanted areas of fat from specific areas of the body, such as the arms, legs, abdomen, hips, breasts, chin, and thighs. These areas of the body are the ones that do not respond to a healthy diet or exercise. We provide the most advanced liposuction techniques, including classic liposuction, Body Jet liposuction, and laser liposuction. These liposuction techniques are safe and successful for both male and female patients.


A treatment known as liposuction is one type of cosmetic surgery that can help remove excess fat from many parts of the body, including the arms, thighs, stomach, legs, and male breasts.

Procedure of Liposuction

The Plastic Surgery Center specialises in liposuction with the use of suction. A solution containing lidocaine numbs the tissue, and epinephrine, which reduces bleeding, is injected into the affected areas. For fat removal, a cannula (a long, thin tube) is used to massage the area, and then suction is utilised to draw the fat out. The lower abdominal region, hips, outer thighs, and upper arms are great candidates for liposuction. There may or may not be more than one incision needed for your particular operation. How much fat Dr. Zain has to remove will determine how much it will cost.

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Risks of liposuction surgery

When performed by skilled plastic surgeons, liposuction is a quick, minimally invasive operation with a negligible risk of complications. The danger of fluid accumulation under the skin, nausea following anaesthesia, infection, and the extremely rare complication known as a fat embolism should be considered.

Liposuction Recovery

Treatment with liposuction is a safe, effective technique with minimal downtime. Liposuction is typically performed under general anaesthetic on an outpatient basis so you can go home the same day. In general, patients need to take a week off of work and other usual activities to recover, though this can be longer or shorter depending on the extent of the treatment. Most people who get liposuction will also wear a compression garment for around 4 weeks afterwards to aid with the swelling. The incisions for liposuction are less than 1cm apiece, and the chances of surgical complications are minimal, so patients can rapidly resume their normal activities.

Time required for liposuction surgery

The amount of fat to be removed and the complexity of the procedure determines how long the surgery will take. If you’re looking for a time estimate, liposuction can take anywhere from a few hours to a day.

Cost of liposuction surgery

In Pakistan, liposuction is a top choice for non-invasive cosmetic surgery. What is the average price of liposuction in Pakistan? The total cost of liposuction depends on the size and quantity of problem regions and the length of time needed to get the desired results. Given the variability in cost that might result from the various components involved in Liposuction, providing ballpark estimates is often challenging. How many parts of the body need to be treated, the type of liposuction your surgeon uses, the surgeon’s level of competence, and the quality of the surgical facility are the primary determinants of the cost of the procedure. As a result, the price of liposuction in Lahore typically falls within the range of Rs.60,000/- to Rs.200,000/. Compared to nations like the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates, the price of liposuction surgery in Pakistan is incredibly low. Seeing Dr. Zain ul Abidin is your best bet if you want to learn the true cost of liposuction in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Possible result of liposuction procedure

You may probably see the benefits shortly after the operation, but the true improvement will only be visible for roughly six months when all the swelling has gone down and the stitches have been removed. The fat cells that are eliminated will not return. However, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet and engage in regular exercise since it is still possible for the cells that are left over to multiply.


Assistant Professor Dr. Zain ul Abidin, the best plastic surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan. A longtime liposuction surgeon, he has plenty of experience in the field. His formal education in plastic surgery is complete, and he is currently an engaged member of the Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons. Cost-free advice from experts is available online. Get in touch with us using this online form if you have any questions regarding liposuction, would like to schedule a consultation with a professional surgeon, or would like to learn more about the cost of liposuction. If you are going to our clinic from a city other than Lahore, such as Peshawar, Karachi, or Islamabad, please call ahead so we can arrange a convenient appointment time.

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