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How much is Charge for Corporate photographers in Dubai?

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All services are different, and the price depends on various criteria such as additional options, the location of the service, and the equipment used. The price range for corporate photographers in Dubai is between 50 and 450 Dirham. Prices are usually shown in parcel form.

Photographers Price

Photographer fees vary from project to project. Corporate photographers in Dubai are especially different. Choosing the right photographer for the right price requires consideration of many factors.


As you can imagine, professional photography equipment is expensive. Some photography, such as Harcourt-type (black and white portrait) photography, requires the availability of specific equipment such as backgrounds, lighting, etc., and is a small expense to purchase and maintain.

Shooting Location

Prices vary depending on the shooting location. There are two solutions for portrait photography, either in the photographer’s studio or outdoors, such as at home. If you choose the second option, you are responsible for the transportation costs. Photographers don’t work while on the move. If he still has kilos on him, it’s not enough for him. He then charges you a fee, which increases the price of his services.

Length of Service

The amount of time photographers spend on portrait photography varies. Luckily, portrait photography usually takes a short time.

Photographer Experience

As with any career, experience, and fame come at a price. If you decide to work with a photographer with 15+ years of experience, the cost will be higher than that of a junior portrait photographer. His experience makes capturing moods, eye contact, and emotional signatures easy. Thus, the services of a well-known professional photographer can reach up to 500 euros per hour, while for junior photographers, they can be reduced to 50 euros per hour.

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Photographer’s Living Space

Prices for photographers in rural areas are often lower than in big cities. Life is cheap, so this affects the price of a portrait photographer.

Final Products

Number of Strokes

The number of shots determines part of the price. 


Using a photo shoot without a newsroom is extremely rare. They are usually automatically included in the price. However, change comes at a cost. Photographers spend their time organizing photos, restoring colors, and more.

Photographic Support

There are several media for returning photos, including USB sticks, online photo libraries, and printed paper photos (with or without an album). If you choose to receive a printed photo, this will be added to the cost of the service.


Some professional photographers partner with stylists, makeup artists, and hair stylists to offer turnkey photo shoots for their clients. This service, therefore, drives up the price of the service.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Photographer?

Four questions to ask a photographer. To find the right portrait photographer at the best price, ask 4 questions before choosing.

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Are you a portrait photography expert?
  • Do you have a portfolio to show me?
  • How are you?

Tips for Lowering your Estimate

  • Ask photographers if they don’t provide group shots (so photographers can set up several people at once).
  • I love studio photography.

Tips for a Successful Corporate Session

  • Takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of portrait you want (e.g., resume portrait photos are faster than portfolio photos).
  • Ask for 5-10 injections as needed (you may not use more).
  • Keep an eye on the internet, and don’t forget to check the opinions of the photographers you hire (this will give you an idea of the quality of their service).
  • Talk to the photographer on the phone (you need to get to know him entirely as taking portraits can be a tricky task).
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