How to add News Articles to your Website?

With all of the articles, videos, and podcasts that are published daily, it can be tough to keep track of all the information you might find valuable. Luckily, with some simple coding that you can learn easily online, you can add news articles from your favorite websites directly to your Website. This guide will teach you how to add news articles from websites to your Website quickly and easily.

Understand the Difference between RSS Feeds and Web Feeds

The terms RSS and web feed are often used interchangeably, but they’re not actually one and the same. RSS feeds refer specifically to information that a website publishes, while a web feed is an actual file (or files) that contain news items. For example, every time TechCrunch publishes an update on its site, you can use a service like Feely or News Blur to get notified about it via email or on another device like an iPad.

Use Google Alerts in a similar way: When you enter TechCrunch into that search field, you’ll receive alerts about recent posts from TechCrunch’s main page. This takes advantage of Google’s broad reach and indexing capabilities the search giant, likely has new posts up faster than other services would.

Subscribe To Relevant Feeds

When you subscribe to an RSS feed (say, one with news articles), it will automatically appear on your Website when there’s new content. This is a great way of keeping people interested in what’s going on with your company. News should be relevant and updated at least once a week, but two or three times per week works better. This can also get you more search engine traffic because Google will rank you higher if you have more frequent updates. You can use Feed burner to manage all your feeds.

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You just enter your URLs, pick how often you want them refreshed, and then let Feed burner do its magic. Feed burner makes sure everything is running smoothly—you won’t even know it’s working for you. Plus, if anyone comments on any of your news stories or links to them from their own site, you’ll get notified right away by email so that you can jump right into conversation with them! And don’t forget that blogs are another great source for getting links back to your Website–all news articles are really just mini-blogs anyway!

Display Your Feed on Your Site

If you have a news website, there’s no reason why you can’t display your feed online. Anyone with a WordPress-powered site can easily create a widget that displays headlines from their feed no coding experience necessary. Just go to Settings->Widgets and search for WordPress News Widget. From there, all you have to do is enter your RSS URL and fill out some basic settings. Then drag and drop it into any sidebar or page on your site. Presto: instant news content! And when you start syndicating other sites, it could increase traffic for both publications and it might even help improve search engine rankings of your own site when people click through to view other articles.

Add a Poll to Your Feed Widget

Your Website’s feed is a great way to let readers know what you’re up to, so make sure it stays fresh by adding a poll. These easy-to-set-up tools have become increasingly popular and more sophisticated with time so they’re a great way of getting in touch with your audience. They also work well as some light reader engagement. You can even find premade online polls that are free for your personal use (see one such example here). To keep them consistent, make sure you post polls regularly once or twice per week.

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Categorize the Entries in WordPress

Create a new category in WordPress, and then create a post. Attach a video from YouTube or Vimeo and paste it into the text from an online news source. You can use Google Alerts to keep up with breaking stories and then add those stories as they come out. News aggregation sites like Tec meme have APIs you can use, or you can simply scrape content directly off their site;

only do that if you have permission, of course! Sites like Fester allow users to subscribe to RSS feeds of individual publishers’ stories you can aggregate those feeds into one central location via a plugin like Word Tube. Similar web services exist for other topics (sports websites like SB Nation or ESPN Insider’s Grant land, etc.) so see what’s available.


There are many different kinds of news articles that you can find online. Whether it is news about sports, business, politics or even celebrity gossip, there is a news agency somewhere on the web that has that particular news. If you want to ensure that people will be able to read up and know about current issues, adding news articles about these subjects to your Website is a great way for them to get information in an easy manner. There are also some other benefits of having News Articles added to your Website: it will build traffic and help boost sales. However, since there are so many places where you can get this information, getting them done by yourself may seem a bit overwhelming at first.

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