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How to Apply Online application for International Driving Licence

Do you know the benefits of an international driving permit? Do you want to rent the vehicle or drive it in foreign countries? If yes, then you probably heard about the international driving license ( IDL). It is an important document that makes it easy for your to drive outside of India. is the best official platform for you where you can apply for your IDL online and get your IDL instantly. We, at the official IDP website, give you the freedom to drive in more than 150 foreign countries.

Overview of international driving license

IDL is a license that allows a person to drive a vehicle outside of India. The international driving license holder is not only able to drive a vehicle legally in foreign countries but also able to rent the vehicle. It is a recognized document by United Nations.

In short terms, an international driving permit online is an official travel document that is issued to people who are going to visit foreign countries. Once the IDL is issued, it will be valid for 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years, according to a different type of IDL.

It consists the information on IDL holders in different languages like german, French, Spanish, Russian, English, etc. A person who has a domestic driving license can easily translate it into an international driving license before traveling to a foreign country.

How to get your international driving license

You can easily visit the online IDP website,, to get your International driving license. You simply need to fill out the IDL application online, attach the necessary documents, pay application fees, and get your international driving license online.

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Ensure to fill in the accurate information in every field of the IDL application form, to reduce the chances of getting rejection by authorities for your international driving license.

Who are qualified for international driving license

Here are the eligibility criteria that decide whether you are qualified for an international driving permit online or not

  • You should be 18 years or over it
  • You should have your valid domestic driving license
  • You should have your visa
  • You have to submit your duly filled form 4A with other necessary documents

Documents required to submit for IDL

You have to submit all the documents in advance to avoid delays in your international driving license application process. Here are the required documents you should attach to your IDL application

  • Duly filled form A certificate
  • Flight tickets, visa, and passport
  • Valid domestic driving license
  • Five passport-size photos
  • Your age proof
  • Your address proof
  • Your residency proof

A step-by-step guide to applying for IDL at

It is very easy to apply for an international driving permit online at You should visit the official IDP website,, and follow the given below step by step guide

  1. Visit the website
  2. On the home page, select the “Apply Now” option to get international driving license services.
  3. Read the guideline and instructions carefully for your IDL application and tap on the “Continue” button.
  4. Enter the date of birth and domestic driving license number
  5. Enter the captcha code shown on your screen and tap on the ” proceed” button
  6. Choose the service known as ” Issue of IDL to Dl holder” and tap on continue
  7. Check your DL number, name, and associated RTO on your screen carefully
  8. Enter the required details like your passport number, birthplace, birth country, validity, and visa number
  9. Select the vehicle class that you require for IDP and tap on confirm
  10. Upload the necessary documents, verify, and submit
  11. Upload the passport-size photo and signature and tap on ” next.”
  12. Make payment to start the process.
  13. Take the print of your IDL application form and payment receipt
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After you submit your IDL application, the authorities conduct the verification process, check your information, and submit documents  before issuing you IDL

Fees to get your international driving license

There are three types of online IDP Uk provided by You can easily apply for the IDP 1926, IDP 1949, and IDP 1968, according to your driving need in a foreign country. The fees of IDL vary on the basis of the types of international driving licenses. The fees also vary on the basis of your need, whether you need only a digital copy of IDL or want digital and printed both forms of IDL.

  1. Digital + printed
  2. 1-year validity- $25
  3. 3-year validity- $35
  4. 5-year validity- $45
  5. 10-year validity- $60
  6. Digital
  7. 1-year validity- $20
  8. 3-year validity- $30
  9. 5-year validity- $40
  10. 10-year validity- $50

Importance of international driving license

There are many facts that make the international driving permit online an important document for people.

  • International driving licenses work like credible proof of your ability you can properly and safely drive a vehicle in a foreign country.
  • The IDP is available in multiple languages that, make it easy for authorities to verify your information consisting of IDL.
  • You do not need to give additional driving tests if you have your IDL
  • You can easily rent the vehicle outside of India if you have an international driving license

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