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How to Build a Brand for Your Business: A Beginner’s Guide

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When 45% of new businesses fail within the first five years, it’s important to start on the right foot.

One of the most crucial things your business needs is a strong brand identity. But brand building isn’t as easy as a lot of people assume it is. Your brand is how your business separates itself from competitors, and how you get buyers to associate the company with certain attributes and values.

Keep reading to learn more about how to build a brand that’ll keep your business afloat.

Identify Your Audience

One of the biggest causes of brand confusion is not knowing who your audience is. It’s important to define your audience so you’re making sure your branding speaks to them.

Think about how your audience overlaps with your competitors’. Are you finding a new audience, or pulling one from another company? Create audience or buyer profiles.

These profiles outline the age, gender, demographics, and values of your audience.

Position Brand in Market

Your company falls into a greater industry or field. The brand should separate your company into a certain sector of this field. The section you choose must align with your audience.

For example, if your company sells clothes and your audience is broke college students, your branding shouldn’t suggest that you’re a luxury clothing brand. In this example, your audience would never connect with your company due to conflicting positioning.

Determine the Brand Style

The brand style mainly refers to the visual style. The logo, colors, and other imagery the company uses should be cohesive. These visual choices are ways to signal to your audience what your brand position and values are.

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Brand style goes all the way from the company logo to the choice of font on your website. It’s important that the messaging of the visual style is cohesive with your brand position and audience.


Your slogan is like your company’s catchphrase. It’s a few extra words to confirm what your company’s name and logo already represent.

The slogan is a good way to sum up the company in just a few words. Catchy slogans are easy for your audience to remember, which can be helpful when you’re starting out and need to grab attention.

Brand Integration

This involves how your company incorporates its branding into the world. Branding should run consistently throughout the company, as well as present consistently to the rest of the world.

Once the brand identity is defined, it’s up to marketing to integrate it with smart advertising ideas. Sometimes smaller companies outsource this step. Check out these marketing companies for start up businesses.

Successfully Build a Brand

Branding starts with identifying your audience. Build your position in the market, and fit your brand style and slogan to this position. This makes for easier integration into the industry.

If you follow these steps to build a brand, you can rest assured your company will secure itself a portion of the market.

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