How To Choose A Reliable Headphones Set?


Headphones have become everyone’s need in the world that we live in. We can safely say that the headphones are more relevant than ever. But the point comes how to get a reliable one for yourself.

Here is how you can choose from the different types of headphones available in the market:


Closed-back headphones mean that their housing practically does not allow sound to leak out. On the one hand, this sometimes makes the sound sharper and more colorful, on the other hand, it improves the overall level of noise isolation, so closed headphones are better suited for outdoor use.


Open-back headphones allow the speakers to oscillate more freely, drawing some of the sound out. This reduces sound distortion, but loud music is unlikely to be appreciated by your fellow travelers, so open headphones are optimal for home use.


An intermediate type of headphones that combines the features of open and closed models. There is sound leakage in the semi-open version, but it is much lower than with fully open headphones. And the surrounding noise will not bother you too much.

Active noise cancellation

Cunning technology that picks up external noise with the built-in microphone, and then “subtracts” them against the background of a useful sound signal. The result is the illusion that extraneous sounds are completely dissolved, and you are completely immersed in the music. An indispensable item for air travel and listening in exceptionally noisy environments.

Gaming Headphones

Here are the models, sharpened specifically for gaming needs. This includes comfortable wear for long hours, an adjustable microphone for online battles and game broadcasts, as well as a bright and sometimes aggressive design. The sound is configured in such a way that you can easily localize the enemy in virtual space.

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Sports headphones

They differ from ordinary models in additional temples and means of fixation: they will not fall out of the ears while jogging or during active exercises. The over ear headphones for working out is also a good option.  And it makes you unafraid of water and sweat, so after training, they are easy to care for.

Headphone player

Special standalone headphone models that do not need a smartphone or a separate sound source. Load your favorite tracks into the built-in memory – and you’re done, with these headphones you can go to the pool or go for a run without fear of damaging your phone.

By Harry Miller

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