How To Connect Millennials And SEO

How to connect millennials and SEO

Different generations have different points of view and desires. Discover how to attract the millennials to your website through SEO

Nowadays, people are more and more connected to the internet. They use it for work, to study, to talk to friends and family, to have fun or just to know more about the world. However, human beings have their particularities and sometimes the time they were born can influence that.

Millennials are people who were born from the 80’s until 2000. These people had a childhood without the internet and watched its evolution through the years, from broadband internet services until the optical fiber. However, they are curious and search for the answers to their doubts in books, videotapes or on the internet.

This is a great opportunity to make your business known by this generation through SEO. Several questions can pop up in an effective SEO strategy to connect millennials and attract them to your business. Here are five tips to reach millennials to your business and get more potential clients from different generations.

Going to the point

Before the internet, people had to go to the libraries to get answers and to solve possible doubts they may have. However, a book can be very extensive and reading could last hours, even days to finish. So, in the end of the 20th century, newspapers and TV could be a source of information as well.


When the internet arrived, people could have the answer in minutes, even seconds. With work and other obligations during the day, a lot of people between 18 and 34 years old do not have the time or patience to read an extensive article about some subject, even if it is of their interest.

That is why the recommendation is for you to get directly to the point, with clarity and cohesion, so people can get their answer faster and clarify their doubts. You can do this through webstory and optimizing your text, so Google can find the answer quickly and put it as a definition on a Google Search Page.

Understand what they are looking for

It is not a secret in marketing and communication that one of the most important strategies is to listen to your client. Although a lot of internet users do not comment on posts or do not interact much with the company, millennials use to do it more frequently, especially when they like the content.

So it is important to listen to what they have to say, because they can add more information to your article, making it more valuable to other people, besides getting more organic traffic, once they share with each other articles or posts of their interest. Also, listen to what they wanna know. They can give you ideas for new content, keeping your website updated and diverse.  Learn more about link building services.

Answer and response

After understanding what your users are looking for, part of going directly to the point is letting clear answers and responses the millennials have. One way to do this is to put a question in Headline 2 and the possible answers in Headline 3. This makes your article more cohesive and can help people and Google itself to find the answer more easily.

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Be authentic

One thing people are giving more and more value to is authenticity, not only of people, but also brands and companies. More and more, young people are looking for products and contents of people and companies that share the same values with them.

So do not be afraid of giving your style to your website layout and contents. This can attract more loyal clients and viewers to your website, increasing the organic traffic, telling Google the relevance and authority to your website. But be careful, do not exaggerate, after all, it is important to give a good experience to your viewers.

Offering an experience

Most of the time, millennials value more the experience you can offer than the product itself. The process they have to go through to have what they need and how they feel it can be decisive for their return. So optimize your website and layout to give an unique experience to your viewers. It is going to stimulate their engagement with the brand.

Dario Smith