How to Cut Back on Social Media?

how to cut down on social media

Scrolling through different social media apps for hours is very easy, but cutting down on them is the real challenge. Social media can feel like a blessing at times as it can be the perfect way to pass the extra time, connect with friends and family, and relax after a long day. But excess of anything can prove to be harmful and hence we must try to limit our usage per day.  

Social media apps are designed to be addictive so it is no surprise that we, as consumers, fall for their prey. Keeping track of time while using these apps can be hard. Especially when you paid the bill on time through the Cox bill pay phone number which ensured you enjoy uninterrupted internet. But there are ways through which you can keep warning yourself about using too much of this distraction. Let’s check them out below:

Time Check

Social media can be a horrendous time sink, making you forget about all your important tasks which consequently get delayed. In order to avoid this, you need to keep track of the time you spend on social media. One way to keep track is to use the Screen Time feature available on certain mobiles. If this feature isn’t available on your phone, you can make use of it directly through the apps. All social apps have now added this feature to their settings. You can check the time spent during the day on these apps and can hence cut down on as many hours as you want.   

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Delete the Apps

When you feel like you’ve had an overdose of social media for a specific time period, it can be very helpful if you get rid of the actual root of the problem. You should delete the app and take a break for an absolute social media detox. It can be challenging to reduce use when you know the app is just a click away. Hence deleting the app altogether can help a lot. When you know you’ll have to reinstall the app first before using It, you’ll automatically think twice before you do it. This will act as a deterrent.   

Turn Off Notifications

One reason you tend to keep on checking these apps, again and again, is because you get notified. Every new post or update about the people you follow automatically sends you notifications. This instantly makes you open the app, tempting you to check the latest update. By turning off notifications you won’t be as tempted to check your accounts as regularly as you would have otherwise. This will help you check your social media only when you really want to.

Browser Extensions

If you find yourself not being able to stop punching in the social media site’s URL every now and then, you need to install browser extensions on your browser. These will help limit you from using apps. This is so because the apps get blocked and you won’t be able to access them with the extension. 

Find Something Else to Do

Whenever you find yourself having the urge to pick up your phone to check social sites, don’t. Instead, find something else to do be it cooking, chores, or any hobby that you might enjoy. You can put the phone aside and do something productive instead. This way you’ll get some other job done and successfully limit yourself from spending excess time on social media. You can clean up your room which you probably have been putting off for the longest time. Or you can even go out with friends to distract yourself from reaching your phone for social media exposure.   

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Follow Fewer Accounts

Your social media might be flooding with pages and people you follow, which makes your news feed an endless scroll zone. To avoid spending more time on apps, and going through everyone’s posts, you can simply only follow your close friends and family. This way you see a limited number of posts per session. Your fear of missing out might initially make it difficult for you to unfollow certain accounts. But once you do it, you gradually get used to it. Unfollowing, will you give you peace of mind and will help you focus on things that actually matter.  


Social media can stick to you like a piece of gum and you might find it almost impossible to remove it. But once you finally do cut down on it, you’ll realize there’s so much more to life. Rather than scrolling through other people’s lives, you could be spending that time improving your own. Just by taking a few steps, you can limit social media usage massively. 

By Harry Miller

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