How To Deal With Exam Pressure? 

Giving exams like JEE and NEET is one of the most challenging phases of student life. So when you are going through it is very common that you will feel the pressure of study as well as other pressure, including parents, scoring rank, better performance, and many more. When we talk about student life, boards and competitive time are among them. It requires a lot of dedicated hard work, and students have to deal with the pressure of family, peer pressure, and failure. Students need to organize their timetable and day-to-day activities to cover everything easily, just like how ERP manages the everyday activities of an organization or online teaching platforms. It leads to an impact on their health. So in this article, we will talk about the different types of pressure and how to overcome them.

First of all, let’s understand what this academic pressure is. How to excel in the classroom, score maximum marks, and get the best output. Every student who works hard always wants this in their life. However, if they can’t fulfill this, they feel anxiety, low self-esteem, and somewhat depression. That does not harm only their career but also their mental health. So how to not fall into this?

1. Reduce self-imposed pressure: See, there are various fields where you can apply to excel, so you don’t need to go into the race of cow and sheep; that means now you can shift your career from IIT and NEET to various other fields. If you are interested in designing, you can become a web designer or go into any related field. If you select biology as your career, you can see other options instead of NEET like B Pharma, Dental, and Hospital management. One can go for online teaching and use different software like LMS, attendance management system, school management system, and more to run your classes smoothly. Here LMS full form is a learning management system.

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2. Counseling: often, students decide on a career just by selecting goals achieved by relatives or neighbors. For example, you want to become initial because your neighbor got selected, and she got a specific rank in the IIT. Try to avoid this; if you don’t have a particular aim, try to take the help of a career counselor to learn about yourself and your area of interest. And if you want to qualify for some specific exam like neet or IIT jee, don’t burden yourself with a lot of things. Learn to achieve goals in small goals. 

3. Handling the family pressure: many families keep expectations from their children. And it’s utterly healthy until it is not harming your mental health, and you start panicking if you cannot achieve a specific goal. You must inform your close ones, like your elder sister or brother in the family, about how you feel and what is harming your mental health.

Avoid excessive expectations: see, you have a dream 1st to qualify NEET and be in a reputed college, but what if you can’t get to that? So always be ready with plan 2nd. It is not that you don’t have to study for it, but you have to keep ready with another plan what if things don’t turn up. So be prepared and don’t keep different expectations from yourself. When in class 10 or 12, be prepared to face the stress of exams, assignments, mocks, etc. Don’t put anything for last time as it can affect your learning pattern, and be practical; if you get 43 in mocks, it won’t turn out to be 93 in the actual paper. There is the chance that you reached up to your desired position, but the point is that be realistic with yourself.

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Overcome the fear of failure: see practically everyone face this one or other time in life. Whichever position you get, you might feel that things are not according to your wish or your plan. Don’t panic; be constant with yourself and do your best to get up. Never fell the fear of failure. Be confident about what you study and how you cover your syllabus.

Be confident:  it’s necessary to be confident. Because if you lag confidence, you won’t be able to write your paper well as you can forget and mix things. So try to be confident and be prepared for the paper mentally. If questions are complex, they must be for everyone, and if questions are easy, they will be for everyone. So be careful and think positively.

By Hamza Ehs

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