How To Design Your Logo? A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Design Your Logo? A Step-By-Step Guide

Design Your Logo

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to design your logo, from figuring out your brand’s identity and coming up with ideas to selecting a logo style that fits your brand, working with a designer, and more. So below is how you can design your logo: 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Design Your Logo

1- Define your brand’s identity

The first and foremost thing you need to do to design your logo is to define your brand identity. Basically, a brand identity is the voice and look of the brand that you use to tell the rest of the world what it stands for. You could say that your business’s brand identity is its soul, which needs to be reflected in both its written and visual parts. Keeping this in mind, your logo should match the rest of your brand’s image.

2- Find inspiration

Explore how you will design your logo. Observe the best logos you see daily and do research. You can find logo trends and ideas by visiting design blogs or renowned designers’ Pinterest boards, Behance, or Dribbble accounts.

Competitors’ logos can inspire your own. This way, you can see what others in your field are doing, learn what works, and ensure your logo isn’t too identical to someone else’s.

3- Select a logo style

When you design your logo, you can see how the parts work together to make a style. And by now, you may have noticed that, just like fine art, logos can have many different styles.

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Even though choosing the style of your logo might seem like a natural step, you should do it after thinking about the parts of your brand identity and the ideas you’ve collected. Is your brand an old one? Then you might choose to make a logo with fancy fonts and simple color schemes. Is your brand simple and clean? In that case, you should avoid using complicated images and choose a custom logo design instead. Is your product cool? Then you can choose bold abstract designs or trendy logo layouts. 

If you want to know how to make a logo for a restaurant, for example, think about the overall theme and concept of the restaurant to narrow down the shapes and fonts you’ll use. No matter what style you choose, deciding on it before you start making things will help you keep an eye out for things that can make it happen.

4- Pick a type

When you think about how to design your logo, remember that there are many different kinds. Before you design your logo, you should consider the different ways logos look, such as text, symbols, or a single image. Each will change how your design turns out, so think about which fits best with your brand and the people who will see it.

5- Choose a color palette

Colors have a lot of power all on their own. Color psychology says that different shades and tones can make people feel different things, which can change how they act. When you choose a color scheme for your logo, you want to do two things: first, get the response you want from your customers, and second, make your brand more recognizable.

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6- Choose a font

Typography should enhance your logo’s individuality and visibility, like color. You can remove Serif, Sans-Serif, script, and highly stylized fonts.

Your logo can use several fonts. A minimalist design may require a clear, readable serif or sans serif typeface. When creating a combo logo, you’ll need a clean and readable typeface, but you’ll also need to consider alignment and balance.

7- Logo creation

Now that you’ve outlined your elements use Logo Maker to create your logo. AI guides you step-by-step. The process begins with asking for your business name, brand identity, style, and personality. After that, you can choose and edit the results. If you’re working with logo and web design services, you’ll explain your idea and ask them to create a sample logo.


While designing your logo, make sure it is simple yet unique. A good logo is versatile, simple, and memorable so take care of these things while designing your logo.