Instructions On How To Draw A Panda Bear Easily

How to Draw A Panda Bear. Many of us had a beloved teddy bear that was a constant companion during our formative years. Real teddy bears inspire these fluffy and adorable teddy bears, and while these real teddy bears aren’t as cute and harmless as their teddy bears, they’re still amazing!

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One of the most distinctive bear species is probably the panda bear. These bears are native to China, and many people love to learn how to draw a panda bear to show their love for this species. It is the perfect tutorial for anyone who loves these black-and-white giants!

How to Draw A Panda Bear

Step 1

Let’s first outline this bear’s head to get started with this tutorial on how to draw a panda. To do this, we will use curved likes for the sides of the bear’s head. We will also mark the top of the head with some curved lines, but small spiky tufts of hair will stick out. To finish the outline, let’s remove the ears. These are pretty round and are drawn with a jagged design to make them look nice and hairy. Finally, draw some small flat shapes for this panda’s eyebrows for this step. Once these elements are removed, you can proceed to the second part of the tutorial!

Step 2

As for their diet, pandas don’t like trying new things! You will eat bamboo almost exclusively, and in this step, we will draw a delicious bamboo stick for your panda.

First, use curved outlines for the bear’s arm and then draw some smaller rounded lines inside the design of the component for the bear’s hand. This hand then holds the bamboo stick. It is marked as a long, thin stick with several leaves sticking out. These leaves are long, narrow, and pointed and grew in small clusters to draw A Panda Bear.

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Step 3

In this third step of our tutorial on how to draw a panda, you’ll finish some facial details for the bear and add another arm. First, draw a flat, rounded shape for the panda bear’s nose, and then draw a smiling mouth out from under it.

Next, draw two eyes with some circles and add some big rounded shapes for the face markers. Add a few more minor details to the face; then, you can extend the panda’s arm from the shoulder before continuing to draw a panda bear.

Step 4

Before we add the final details to this panda bear design, let’s start with the bear’s body and add the first leg. The panda bear will sit down while enjoying the food.

Then you can draw the body with rounded lines. Finally, add the first leg under the arm, and then we can move on to the final details!

Step 5

Now summarize the last details we have prepared in this guide on drawing a panda! First, draw a small rounded shape on the panda bear’s nose to make it look shiny. So you can finish by pulling your foot on the left. Because of the angle, we see the bottom of the foot.

Draw A Panda Bear

The bottom has some rounded shapes for stuffing and sharp claws sticking out from the end. Once you’ve completed those final details, you might want to add more to draw a panda bear! Maybe you could draw a great background to show what kind of environment this panda is in.

Step 6

If you’ve ever seen a panda bear, you know they aren’t the most colourful creatures on earth. They are known for their striking black-and-white colouring. We chose this colour scheme in our reference image but found ways to add various colours to the idea! You can create a more dynamic appearance with lighter shades of grey.

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Panda Bear Drawing

For some pops of colour, we used light green for the bamboo she eats and then used pink undertones for the bottom of her foot. You could take a similar approach for your panda but create a more stylistic approach using your favourite bright colours to colour and draw a panda bear!

Your Panda Bear Drawing is Finished!

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