How to Eliminate Annoying Bike Noises- Learn the Best Tricks

How to Eliminate Annoying Bike Noises- Learn the Best Tricks

Every day, most motorcycle owners face a common question regarding the noises coming from their bikes. These sounds tend to be annoying, and eliminating them seems challenging. Many of you may not be familiar with the motorbike’s parts and technicalities. So, they find it difficult to determine the source of their bike’s noises. Read on to know more about how to eliminate annoying bike noises. 

Do non-riders always ask you the reason behind your bike’s irritating noise? Why is your bike so unnecessarily loud anyways? It could be due to any significant faults that need immediate attention. Certain two-wheeler accessories like aftermarket mufflers can be helpful. 

It is never easy to find out the exact reason behind the cause of annoying bike noises. However, the best riding gear brands in India have come up with helpful equipment to help reduce the noise. So, this post will cover the major reasons for bike sounds and tips to reduce them.

Reasons For a Motorbike to Make Noises

As more carmakers introduce electric vehicles, cars and bikes seem to be getting quieter. So, that raises all the attention towards the motorbike and their noisy nature. Well, there are three significant reasons for your bike to get louder. They are as follows: 

Motorbikes With Smaller Mufflers-

The purpose of the motorbike mufflers is to lessen the noise generated by the engine’s exhaust. When compared to their four-wheeled cousins, they are often several inches shorter and are also louder. 

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Exhaust Pipes Are Shorter-

Motorcycle exhaust pipes are often shorter due to a lack of room. Shorter pipes result in louder exhaust pipes since more air pushes out of them.

Open Engine Design-

The engine of a motorbike comes into contact with the outside air. Nothing muffles the sound of the bike’s engine’s pistons rising and falling. Motorcycle engines experience thousands of mini-explosions each minute, which may be incredibly noisy. Motorbikes become rather loud without engine encasing. 

How to Eliminate Annoying Bike Noises

By decreasing the noise your motorcycle makes while traveling, you can improve its performance. Here are some tips for you:

Change The Muffler

The silencer or muffler is an essential part of the bike. It is responsible for producing minimal noise when using the motorcycle. Some prefer using the mufflers that come from the carmaker, while others may prefer using aftermarket mufflers. The OEM mufflers have no issues in their performance but tend to be very noisy. 

You need to replace your bike’s muffler for a better experience. Before purchasing the best motorbike accessories, you do not need to wait for the component to become faulty. Mufflers are important and should likely need replacement as soon as you purchase your bike.

Clean The Exhaust

When you clean your motorcycle, you must never skip cleaning the muffler and exhaust pipe. These components can make or break your riding experience. With time, the dirt build-up might clog the exhaust. It can cause the bike to emit smoke and increase the noise. This noise could be disturbing and probably needs a thorough cleaning before returning the bike to its normal state.

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Moreover, cleaning the exhaust will be the best option before changing the bike accessories. You can do it without an expert. With some minor preparations, you can get this job done in no time. 

Try Wrapping the Pipes

One of the major benefits of wrapping the bike’s pipes is to minimise the noise coming out of it. High-quality exhaust pipe wrappers can aid in eliminating annoying bike noises. It has the best ability to help reduce the sound coming from the bike’s exhaust. So, it can reduce the frequency and vibrations efficiently. 

These wrappers come in durable materials like titanium. Moreover, it can bear high temperatures and rough conditions. Similar to the mufflers, exhaust wraps are also affordable. Again, you can install them yourself like an expert by following some simple instructions. 

Watch Out for Leaks

When you have a noise that appears uncontrolled, you should also check for exhaust leaks as a possible cause. Rust or general wear and tear may be the cause of exhaust leaks. Your bike may become noisy due to accidental or intentional system banging.

Even the most minor leaks can significantly impact how loud your motorcycle’s exhaust sounds. Keep the air in check and ensure that the pipe has just one opening at the back end. You should repair the damaged areas which may aid in eliminating annoying bike noises.

Before beginning the mending operation, you must clear off any rust from your bike exhaust. Depending on how bad the rust is, you can have bigger leaks than you expected. However, it would be better to fix a larger leak. It is better than trying to stop a smaller one that may cause a bigger one in a few days.

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So, there you have the best tips on how to eliminate annoying bike noises. To purchase new bike parts and accessories, browse CarOrbis’s online store. You can find some of the best and most affordable products at their store. 

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