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How to Find the Best Lobster Meat

If you are looking for a delicious lobster, then you have come to the right place. Maine lobsters are known for their tender sweet taste and succulent meat.

Both hard shell and soft shell lobsters have a nourishing, somewhat buttery taste. Choose wisely, Click here for lobsters!

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Live lobsters are a delicacy that can make any meal more special. While you may not be able to buy them at a brick-and-mortar store, there are still plenty of online lobster delivery options that can help you enjoy a fresh Maine dinner without having to leave home.

You can order lobsters from a variety of companies, including the popular Lobster Guy. This boutique operation carries lobsters from one pound to a jumbo 12 pounds, as well as steamed lobsters and lobster dinner sets.

Another option is Lobster Anywhere, which specializes in seafood gift packages and offers free shipping to just about anywhere in the USA. The company also has a rewards and incentive program.

Luke’s Lobster also offers a subscription box for crustacean fans, allowing them to have a consistent supply of lobster delivered to their door. The company places traceability as a priority, ensuring all of its seafood is harvested with sustainable methods.

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Live lobsters are a great addition to any meal. They’re sweet in flavor and firm in texture, and can be steamed or baked for a delicious lobster meal that’s quick to prepare.

A good lobster outlet will store live shellfish in modern, clean salt water holding tanks that keep the water temperature and salt levels regulated to ensure that the lobsters remain healthy and happy until they’re ready for cooking. A poorly maintained tank may have a high concentration of algae and other microbial growth, leading to an unhealthy environment for the lobsters.

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When storing a live lobster, never put it in freshwater! Tap water can kill lobsters and if you place it in ice, the cold will cause osmotic shock, which can suffocate the lobster.

If you have a cooler, place the lobsters in the bottom of the cooler with sea-water soaked newspapers or seaweed and frozen gel ice packs. Periodically check the lobsters for movement.


The lobster is one of the best-known seafood delicacies in the world, and with a little help from some of our favorite shipping companies, you can have them delivered right to your door.

Many live lobster delivery services will ship your order overnight to ensure that the lobsters arrive fresh. If you’re planning on eating the lobsters before they arrive, store them in a cool place and cook them the day of delivery.

Some services also flash freeze their lobster meat. These methods protect the lobsters from extreme temperatures, but they can be risky.

The best way to protect your lobsters during shipping is to secure them using cold temperature tape. This prevents suffocation and keeps them calmer during transit.

Take Out

Buying lobster meat already shucked and vacuum packed is a great time saver. These pre-picked, vac-sealed bags of North Atlantic lobsters provide you with all the claw and knuckle meat you need to create delicious recipes.

Those sweet claws and knuckles offer the best meat for making lobster rolls, but you can also use this meat in a variety of other recipes. Aside from its flavor, lobster meat is rich in vitamins and minerals including zinc, phosphorus and selenium, which are vital to maintaining a healthy immune system.

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When purchasing live lobsters, make sure they’re from a reputable source and are still moving and living when you purchase them. They’re best stored in a refrigerator or cooler provided they are kept moist with saltwater dampened towels or newspaper.

It’s not uncommon to find tomalley, a light green substance found in the center of the lobster tail, but it’s not toxic. Some people love it and eat it while others are too squeamish to even try it.