How to Find the Best Wholesale Plus Size Clothing for Your Boutique

One of the most important things to consider when starting a new business is your product line. Without the right products, you’ll quickly find that you’re short on money and customers, and before you know it, your business will be on life support. When it comes to running an ethical and successful plus size boutique, you’ll find that wholesale plus size clothing plays an important role in keeping your customers coming back. However, with all the options available to you when shopping wholesale plus size clothing, finding quality products can seem like an overwhelming task! That’s where this guide comes in handy!

10 Mistakes Boutiques Make in Buying Their Inventory

One of the most important decisions a retailer can make is choosing their inventory. They have to balance getting quality merchandise at a price they can afford with having enough variety and styles on hand. When you are new, it can be hard deciding what types of clothing you should stock in your boutique. Below are some mistakes that retailers often make when buying wholesale plus size clothing for their store: 1 Buying Too Much Inventory. 2 Not Looking At Style Options. 3 Not Considering Pricing Models. 4 Neglecting Quality Control. 5 Purchasing Merchandise That Doesn’t Fit Well. 6 Hiring A Salesperson Who Doesn’t Know Anything About The Business. 7 Failing To Consider Shipment Timing. 8 Paying Too Much For Products. 9 Not Using Order Minimums Wisely. 10 Assuming You Know What Women Want

5 Ways to Locate New Sources of Inventory

1. Check out other boutiques in your area – You may be able to find a wholesaler or manufacturer that supplies them. 2. Attend trade shows – There are plenty of wholesale clothing shows that you can go to and see what else is out there. 3. Look on fashion blogs – Fashion bloggers often post about new brands and sources for inventory, so check out their sites as well as pages like What I Wore Today on Instagram 4. Don’t be afraid of e-commerce stores – A lot of companies sell wholesale goods on their websites, so search around! 5. Ask your favorite retail store for a referral – You may have some luck asking another store who carries similar products if they know where you might find more items like theirs!

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6 Tips for Working with Overseas Suppliers

1. Create a list of what you need: think about your current stock and the types of items you want to carry in your boutique. For example, if you are looking for wholesale plus size clothing, write down all the types of sizes, styles, and colors that are missing from your store. 2. Request samples before placing an order: don’t just purchase based on pictures or descriptions alone. You should have the opportunity to touch and feel clothes before placing an order. 3. Do not buy more than what you need at any one time: as a small business owner, it is important not to go overboard with ordering large quantities of items until you know how much demand there is for these goods (maybe ask another store who may be selling similar goods). 4. Don’t pay upfront unless you’re sure they can deliver: when working with overseas suppliers, it’s always better to wait until the items are delivered before making payment. Overseas suppliers often require payment up front which means you risk losing money if the products never show up. 5. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices: negotiating prices will help keep costs low for your boutique but also make sure that your supplier is earning enough income to continue supplying other businesses in the future. 6. Always insist on using escrow services when purchasing overseas: since payments must go through PayPal or a bank transfer, this gives both parties some security by ensuring neither side takes risks over non-delivery or improper quality issues

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 Smart Ways To Buy From Domestic Manufacturers

You can find wholesale plus size clothing from a number of domestic manufacturers, but you have to know where to look. Online stores are a great resource for finding new and used clothes that you can resell in your boutique. However, if you prefer shopping at physical locations, there are plenty of retailers in your area that carry wholesale plus size clothing. But once again, you will want to shop around and compare prices before making a final decision on who is the best retailer for your needs. When looking online, make sure the retailer has a good return policy.

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