How to Fix Spotify Not Playing Songs?

When you’re in the mood to jam out to a few favourite music however This Spotify Plays now not gambling songs, the software effectively destroys your day. Despite Spotify being a high-quality track streaming app, there are a few troubles typically encountered by means of its customers.

We understand how frustrating it’s miles while Spotify no longer playing your favourite tunes. Therefore, you want to discover how to fix it.

To do away with Spotify no longer playing songs hassle, several opportunities and short answers are available. While there are many reasons that may cause Spotify not to play tunes, you want to perceive what possible reasons for the hassle. But you would possibly haven’t any time to troubleshoot and locate the perpetrator. Thankfully, here we’ve furnished a diffusion of answers to restore the issue.

Fixing Spotify Not Playing Songs / Can’t Play Current Song

You may surprise by why and how your Spotify app gets into trouble. You should word that the problem can occur because of problems within the Spotify app, subscription difficulty, corrupted documents, or software malfunction. When your Spotify does no longer paint nicely, the following solutions have to assist.

We have collected numerous answers which are effective to clear up the issue. You can try one or more of these fixes and discover which one works first-class for you.

1. Restart Spotify

Many times, it has a glitch or crash that reasons some of the troubles. The first and simplest answer is to restart your Spotify. Many users find that restarting Spotify is the simplest element they need to do to cast off the difficulty. An easy restart, however, can refresh the machine in order that it is able to paintings well.

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But while you are the usage of the Spotify net player, near and relaunch your browser. Check in case your Spotify paintings are common. If it doesn’t, jump to the alternative fixes.

2. Restart your device

Whether you’re the use of a cellphone or desktop, restarting your device can be opted to resolve Spotify’s no longer gambling track problem. As with restarting the app, restarting the telephone or computer can clear up any error that reasons the problems. In different phrases, continuing the tool allows refreshing the gadget for higher performance.

After restarting your cellular cellphone or PC, attempt to relaunch the application or web app. When you see the error persists, then a trifling restart isn’t sufficient. Try other solutions simply so your Spotify can work properly.

3. Change subscription degree

Changing the subscription stage can also cause blunders in Spotify. Some customers reported the issue after downgrading from a Premium account to a Free account. If you watched that is the cause of Spotify no longer gambling tune, then exchange your Spotify Settings. The practice must assist you.

  • Open your Spotify and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to Settings positioned in the top-right corner.
  • Find Music Quality, then trade the settings to decrease than Very High this is available for Premium users best.

Another impact of downgrading is that you cannot concentrate on the downloaded song. When you’re the usage of Premium, you could without difficulty download the songs to concentrate offline. But if you migrate to a Free account, this selection is unavailable and it could cause Spotify unable to play songs.


4. Not enough space

If you’re a Premium user and discover the mistake on your telephone, you could want to check the to-be-had space on your tool. Many Premium users select to download the songs and play them offline. Unfortunately, this consumes your storage space. It is recommended to have at least 1GB free to download the songs. If you don’t have sufficient space, this difficulty may appear.

  • Open your Spotify and log in to your account.
  • Go to Settings, and select Local Files. Turn off Show Local Files.
  • Close your Spotify and relaunch the software. Try to play any music and spot if the trouble persists.

Turning off the toggle is much like deleting a connection to the neighbourhood library. If you want to preserve the use of the offline mode, be sure to have sufficient space for your tool.

5. Resync Spotify

Even even though you’ve got downloaded a few songs to pay attention to offline, you want to once in a while connect with the net. If you are not connected to the net for over 30 days after your final connection, the downloaded tune may not be capable of playing. For this cause, you want to get online and resync Spotify.

Do this at least every 30 days simply so Spotify can play the downloaded track.

6. Disable or permit crossfading

Crossfading is a characteristic that allows smooth transitions between songs. But sometimes, the characteristic can move incorrectly so you need to disable or permit crossfading. Resetting the crossfading can help remove playback issues in Spotify. To switch on or off the function, you need to do these steps.

  • Go to Spotify, log in to your account
  • Navigate to Settings, then pick Show Advanced Settings.
  • Tap on Playback. Turn on/off the option Crossfade songs. If you turn on the function, try and change the setting to 0 2nd. This enables a faster transition between songs.
  • The default transition time is 5 seconds. You can effortlessly set it to zero and see if it makes any change to the problem.
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7. Reinstall Spotify

Error in playing songs may be a result of corrupted documents. If this occurs, your only choice is to reinstall the software. First, you need to uninstall the Spotify app out of your tool and reinstall it the next time. To ensure the app is completely removed, delete all Spotify documents in folder C for your computer. After uninstalling and eliminating Spotify, you want to download and reinstall the utility. This has to repair the error.

We realize that Spotify no longer gambling songs is traumatic as you cannot play favoured tunes. Thankfully, there are several fixes that assist you to clear up the problem. The answers above are powerful to dispose of Spotify errors, in keeping with many customers that revel in a similar problem. Try it out!

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