How to Fix Your Tractor’s Diesel Engine? Simple Tips & Tricks

How to Fix Your Tractor’s Diesel Engine? Simple Tips & Tricks

Any machine that has an engine is likely to break down. So yes, even your John Deere 5310 or Mahindra 265 can face crucial downtime if not given enough scheduled maintenance. 

So to treat your farm vehicles, you can hire a mechanic, but it can add to your expense sheet. However, even if you don’t have experience treating diesel engines, there are some handy practices you can perform to ensure your tractor’s engine is up and running efficiently. Or at least diagnose the problem so that the mechanic won’t cost you needlessly.

Easy Steps to Fix Your Tractor’s Engine

  1. Problem 1 – When the engine is overheating

Overheating engines are common. It could likely be due to the cooling system’s malfunctioning.

Here are few remedies you can follow to fix your tractor engine’s overheating problem:

  • When your engine has cooled down, open the radiator cap.
  • Fill your radiator with distilled water mixed with antifreeze. Avoid tap water, as its minerals can clog your radiator further.
  • Clean up the radiator fins, they might have been impacted by mud or some dust. Dirty fins can mess up with your coolant’s ability to lower its temperature, thus further causing overheating.

If the problem still stays, consider contacting a technician who can look into your coolant and see why it’s malfunctioning.

  1. Problem 2 – When your engine won’t start

If you are tossing & turning your keys but engine isn’t starting, then something is wrong with either your battery or terminals through which the current passes.

You need to look into your battery, check whether terminals are not corroded, or battery cables are not damaged. 

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If things still feel uncomplicated, it’s better you take out the battery & consult a professional mechanic to look into it.

  1. Problem 3 – Engine starts but can’t keep up enough to pull the machinery

If you are seeing an engine turning over but cannot keep up enough to completely start the machinery, then maybe something is wrong with the fuel.

Might be that your fuel filter is clogged or choked by some sediments of dirt or waste. Clean the fuel filters or fuel line properly. Because a clogged fuel line can hamper the flow of fuel to reach where it should, ultimately choking your engine’s energy supply. 

If you see your fuel filter is squeaky clean but still the problem persists, then it could be due to a jammed fuel control lever. A jammed fuel control level can disrupt the flow of fuel to reach the engine.

You can spray some lubricating oils to the lever and see if it glides smoothly afterwards.

However, if you still see the issue, it’s maybe time to consider getting the filter replaced by consulting a technician.

  1. Problem 4 – Your engine starts but dies the next moment

If you see your engine starting but dying suddenly, something is fishy with your fuel tank.

Maybe your fuel tank doesn’t have 100% diesel in it. It might be adulterated with other substances like gasoline by default.

Try smelling your fuel tank, if you experience some gaseous smell, chances are your fuel tank is infiltrated with other substances. Immediately empty your tank and consider fueling it with diesel.

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If you still see your engine isn’t starting after checking the battery, cleaning the fuel tank, then there are other reasons that could be hampering your engine’s functioning.

  • A damaged mechanical part

If nothing works from the above steps, maybe your engine will break off. Something is quite not right in your engine’s physical aspect. Consider calling a technician then.

  • Fuel cap is developing vacuum in the engine

When fuel is pulled from the fuel tank to cylinders, a small amount of pressure or vacuum is created in the fuel tank. Sometimes, when fuel tank caps become clogged due to dirt and debris, it impedes the air to enter the tank. 

As a rule of thumb, air leaving the tank must be replaced by the air entering the tank. Otherwise, fuel lines won’t be able to deliver fuel to the engine. You can try cleaning the fuel tank cap or considering replacing it if the problem still persists. Whenever buying a new cap, make sure you go for a diesel cap with vents, avoid buying a gas cap as they might not necessarily have vents in them. Just verify with the vendor.

  • Glow plugs are malfunctioned

Your diesel engine may have as many as 10 glow plugs. They have flammable filaments that help increase the temperature of air in cylinders of the engine, which further helps combust the diesel when it enters the chambers.

Sometimes failure in a single glow plug isn’t noticeable, but if two or three glow plugs fail, it can make the tractor not start at all.

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Consider checking up on that and consult a mechanic who can help replace those glow plugs in a timely manner.

Whether you own Escorts Josh 335 or Mahindra 265, these basic tips will help you keep your engine up and running without adding to your costs.

By Abhishek Sharma

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