How to get a good deal on Jeep rental in the USA

Experimental traveling in the mountain area or off-roading requires a special vehicle to explore the whole treasure of wild nature in the United States. Surely, the right option would make such a trip smooth and pleasant. Thus, perhaps you are looking for a stylish car for rental with great technical features but doubt if the price meets the expectations? 

Therefore, you have to sort out how the price policy works. For example, what factors influence the total cost, or is it possible to reduce the price? This article would be useful, and you will find answers not only to those questions but also learn vital information about Jeep rentals for your next trip journey with tips and hacks.

Know what you pay for

US car rental prices consist of many details, and it is not only maintenance and auto class. Economists calculate the cost individually, drawing on at least five essential characteristics. Let’s check them out together:

  • Car age. The newer a transport, the higher the price. Every five years, the value is decreased for the reason of lowering the features such as fuel efficiency and so on. But if the car reaches retro status, the price always rises again. 
  • Brand. People’s opinion about them creates the demand, and that’s why Kia and Cadillac rate differently. Some customers believe American Jeeps are more reliable and consider others less trustworthy. As a result, companies can’t put a high price on them. 
  • Time of the year. Of course, demand is elevated during significant holidays and tourist season, so rental won’t be cheap. 
  • Rental duration. In fact, having the car longer isn’t always cheaper than a short period. You can get discounts or smaller day charges; lessors may change the initial price to favor their clients if the trip is going to be long-term. 
  • Extra services and upgrades. Rental companies sometimes cheat by adding them to the contract with fine print and make hidden pay for GPS or tolls up to an additional $40 per day.
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Trust proven rental companies only is an aggregator site that provides a wide range of absolutely different cars for every occasion right at the moment in all of the proposed numerous locations. The main advantage is automatic comparison of the rates from 800+ companies worldwide. Fair conditions allow you to save without other possible ways to cut the total sum so that you can expect budget options immediately. 

Before you reserve one, check the description of Jeeps presented on the page. Find exactly your type, according to the needs – a number of passengers, facilities, power, and additional features. The average cost varies between $21 and $205 daily. But in most cases, it stands at $40-70 per day. Still want a cheaper Jeep rental? The pieces of advice below could help to cut the price. 

Refuse the useless expenses

First of all, don’t buy car rental insurance at the company. An agent may try to persuade you by hook or crook, but it doesn’t make sense to pay on average $39 per day for nothing. Use personal vehicle insurance or travel credit card. It offers the same service with full coverage for every budget. 

Also, skip upgrades because they are frequently absolutely vain. The navigation system and satellite radio are installed on your phone and available for free. As for the baby-seat, the second-hand one would be suitable too, and besides, it will save the daily fee.

Look for a promotions 

Of course, having a membership like AAA brings a lot of good offerings, but it isn’t the only way to get a discount. Ask your employee about the promo code, or contact the university for the corporate one. They have deals with specific rental companies. Moreover, you can find a lot of bonuses online on Groupon or DealNews. By the way, these sites also have discounts for other travel purposes, such as tickets to theme parks, for example. 

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Hope that now you know how to use all possible benefits for the best Jeep rental. Never sacrifice your comfort to save money because it is so much better to protect yourself from accidents or troubles on the way. Wish you an adventurous trip and a safe road!

By Stanislav Kirilov

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