How to Get Coffee Stains out of Mugs?

Nothing seems more fun than enjoying your everyday coffee in your favorite Coffee mug. However, this joy usually doesn’t last for long, thanks to the stain rings that appear inside your mugs after some time. A similar thing goes around for tea mugs too. It doesn’t matter whether you are using stainless steel mugs, glass mugs, or the best ceramic mugs for satisfying your coffee or tea urge. All of these are vulnerable to the glutinous stains that exude through tea leaves or coffee beans. Even so, there are dishwashers and various washing detergents to look after our tea or Coffee mugs. Nevertheless, these sticky stains are hard to remove especially when the cup has a white colored bottom. Thus, in the blog, we will share some DIY solutions through which you can easily remove stains from your tea as well as coffee mugs.

How to Easily Clean Tea or Coffee Stains from your Mugs?

Despite being a simple mechanism, the cleaning of coffee or tea mugs to completely eradicate the sticky stains requires a few smart steps. Follow the below-mentioned methods to accomplish the same.


For this method, you need to first acquire distilled white vinegar. And once you have obtained it, then you need to fill half of your stained mug through it and the remaining half with lukewarm water. Give it fifteen minutes to do its magic and then use a quality dish soap to scrub the entire mug. Now, wash using normal water and you will see that the mug is free and shining like new.

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Baking Soda

This is one of the most commonly used methods for cleaning out annoying stains. In this primitive method, you need to use a half tablespoon of baking soda and hot water. Thereafter, you have to use a dirty mug with baking soda and a water mixture. After 10 minutes, you need to utilize the sponge to scrub the entire mug. Now, you will use normal water to wash the mug, and yay, your mug is completely clean.

Liquid Dish Soap

Instead of utilizing the regular dishwasher bars or detergents, it is suggested that you should opt for liquid dish soaps. As they come with stain-removing agents and are known to eradicate the unpleasant smell that coffee or tea residue leads to. All you need to do is pour the hot water into the mug and then add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Thereafter, create a mixture of both inside the mug and now gently use the soft sponge to scrub the entire vessel. Wait for a few minutes and then wash with lukewarm water to obtain the best results. This promising method not only removes the stuck stains from your mug but also eradicates the fusty leftover smell.


We all are familiar with the amazing culinary properties that lemon possesses. Additionally, it has magical cleaning attributes too especially when it comes to removing long-lasting stains. All you need is to take a slice of lemon and then rub it eagerly on the entire surface of the mug. Afterward, give it a few minutes, and then wash away the entire lemon coating with regular water using a soft sponge. Congrats, your mug is free from all the stains and the stinking smell that it was inhabiting.

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Denture Solution

This is by far one of the best ways to quickly remove stuck stains and residue smell from your coffee or tea mugs. It is suggested that you should first use all the other alternatives before using this one though. As it requires you to buy a cleaning also known as a denture tablet from any of your nearby pharmacy stores. The tablet solution is easily available and several reputed brands manufacture it. So, once you have acquired a good denture tablet, then you need to soak it in warm water. Wait for at least 15 minutes till the tablet and water combine completely. Thereafter, use the concoction to clean the mug and make sure that you apply it vigorously to the stains. Afterward, wash the mug using dish soap, and later on, you will find that your mug has been revived into its buying state.


The frequently occurring coffee or tea stains on the mug can hinder your enjoyment. Therefore, it is necessary to know the proper ways to get rid of these sticky stains. We have provided the most promising DIY methods that will resolve this issue. In case, we have forgotten to add any credible or relevant information on the aforementioned topic, then do let us know in the comments.

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