How to Get Rid of Surplus Office Inventory

How to Get Rid of Surplus Office Inventory?

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Office renovation, relocation, and, most importantly, business closure results in a lot of furniture and equipment going out of use. Items such as chairs, cabinets, desks, and IT hardware might no longer be needed in the office. So how can businesses get rid of the surplus inventory? The following blog discusses some of the ways to get rid of extra office inventory, such as working with liquidation companies in Canada.

1. Find the People That Want These Items

The best way to get rid of excess office items is to sell them to others. For starters, businesses can sell the items to employees. Or the items can be listed on online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace to find buyers in the city. Community groups and self-organized garage sales can also facilitate getting rid of furniture items.

2. Liquidate the Furniture Items

One of the most common ways to get rid of surplus furniture items is to liquidate these assets, which is where liquidation companies in Ontario prove to be useful. With the help of inventory liquidation services, businesses can quickly get rid of the items they no longer need and sell them. This way, businesses can earn some extra money. Surplus inventory liquidators know the market price and have a pool of buyers, which makes the services useful for companies looking to get rid of furniture items.

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3. Donate the Inventory to NGOs

Another way to eliminate extra furniture items is to donate them to non-profit or charitable organizations. This way, businesses can free up office space and, at the same time, generate community goodwill. While donating furniture items, businesses are also sometimes eligible for a tax write-off. This way, companies can save money by donating their furniture items.

4. Find a Removal Company

Sometimes, office items are so worn out that they cannot be thrown away or donated to NGOs. This is where removal companies are useful. Removal companies operate in almost every region. They pick up the office items themselves and dispose of them in a safe manner. This is also an environmentally-friendly way to eliminate surplus items because removal companies may recycle these items.

Tips To Remove Excess Office Items Efficiently

A business should first identify the excess inventory and decide what needs to go. This doesn’t require a lot of technicalities. The employer can make a simple spreadsheet to list all the items that make up the surplus inventory. The next step should be to consider the condition of the items and see if they should be sold off, donated, or simply disposed or recycled. Broken furniture items may simply be categorized as garbage if they cannot be refurbished, recycled, or reused.

Then, companies should identify the goal behind removing excess inventory. Some companies want a financial return by selling their old assets. Others simply want to free up office space and don’t care about the monetary returns as long as the items are gone.

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Accordingly, if the company wants to earn money by selling excess furniture items, it should either look for buyers on its own or liquidate its assets. On the other hand, if the company doesn’t care about the price tag of the furniture items, then the business can work with NGOs or removal companies.

Another important point the company needs to consider is the operation. A hassle-free furniture removal operation should be the priority of the business. Especially if the business is moving to a new location and the employer wants to get rid of the excess items quickly. This is where it’s important to make quick decisions and work with a professional vendor who can work in a timely manner.

Finally, businesses should look for partners that can buy the items from the employer or simply pick up the surplus inventory from the office if the company is donating the item. When working with external vendors, it’s important to have everything documented as well, especially if finances are involved to prevent any legal consequences for the business. Transparency is important. Finally, the business should have a risk mitigation plan to avoid any potential crisis or problems that may occur.

What Else Matters to the Company Removing Furniture Items?

Sustainability and impact on the environment are also important for companies when they’re renovating their space. Donating surplus furniture can help fulfill the company’s corporate social responsibility without investing additional capital in the program. Health and safety compliances are also important to optimize procurement and ensure the sustainability of the supply chain.

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Many furniture items and office supplies go out of use every now and then. However, with strategies like liquidation and donation, businesses can eliminate extra office items and free their hands from assets like chairs, IT hardware, cabinets, and desks.So if you’re looking for a professional liquidation company or wholesale liquidators in Ontario, then get in touch with Michaels Global Trading. Our company offers a wide variety of asset liquidation services for multiple industries.

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